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2 Handed Animation based on For Honor's Warden Class. Pt. 2

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Animation based on For Honor's Warden Class

Ya boi again:

It's a complete make over this time.

Animations replaced:

- 2hm_attackpowerforward.hkx
- 2hm_blockanticipate.hkx
- 2hm_blockbash.hkx
- 2hm_blockbashintro.hkx
- 2hm_blockhit.hkx
- 2hm_blockhita.hkx
- 2hm_blockhitb.hkx
- 2hm_blockidle.hkx
- 2hm_blockstart.hkx
- 2hm_blockstop.hkx
- paired_2hmkillmovedecapslash.hkx
^(NOTE: I included this for those not using FNIS, It won't have sound on initial sword impact as it still follows the vanilla 2h decapitation rules)

FNIS additions:

- KM_paired_2hmdecap.hkx
^(NOTE: Same animation BUT it has it's own camera and sound on impact, no Slowmo however, as I didn't find any ways to add it.)
^(NOTE: I like this one)

ESP Additions:

- NEW .ESP Included as it is a requirement to create a FNIS dependent animation (all this to add my custom sound and camera, yes, worth)

2H Animation - Warden Stance Block anims are made with this in mind, but If you prefer your personal animations, it's okay as well :))
XPMSSEThe one I'm not sure.
FNISThis time it is recommended.
VioLens.Esp is a literal rip off from this mod
- I was about to give up on the fnis idea until I decided to base on this esp and It worked. I just took two ID's from this.You may check it using SSEEdit.
- You can try using it without VioLens but that would be difficult to check as killmoves are very rare.
- check it by setting Decapitation to 100%. 

Video Showcase (I did my best): 

2:00 - Kill move showcase with FNIS (custom camera, with added sound , no slowmo)
2:23 - Vanilla version, (no sound, with slowmo , vanilla camera)

Many heads we're popped in the making of this video.

A sequel for Part 1:

From my first Mod: 2H Animation - Warden Stance

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