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  • Books Lucien Can Read Aloud

    One of Lucien's features is the ability to read certain books out loud to you. To use this feature, one of the compatible books must be present in his or your inventory. If so, a "Read to me" dialogue option will appear after you select "I need you to do something." Recording these is a slow process, so currently the list of compatible books is very small. I'll be expanding it over time in future updates, though, and updating this article as I do so:

  • Training Lucien

    I often get asked questions about Lucien's training system, so I thought I'd do a detailed breakdown of how it works here! Lucien is designed to feel like a "real person" and as such it's best for immersion not to get into the nitty-gritty of how he works, but for those who are super curious, a quick peek behind the curtain is available on my website:

  • Followers Lucien Can Interact With and Comment On

    For the avoidance of confusion, I thought it was worth formally documenting the followers Lucien can interact with and comment upon so far. Read the full list on my website, here....

  • Quests Lucien Can Comment On

    For a full, up-to-date list of quests Lucien can comment on, visit this article on his official website!...

  • Spells Lucien Can Learn

    For a full list of spells Lucien can learn, visit this article on his official website.

    To teach Lucien a spell, you must have a copy of its Spell Tome in your inventory and have sufficiently raised his skill level in the relevant magic school. Then select his training dialogue (unlocked once he has reached an approval or bravery threshold) and choose "I want to teach you a spell."...