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The files provide compatibility between CrazLion's Ebony and Orc Shields and the Cloaks
from Cloaks of Skyrim, Winter is Coming, Wet and Cold and similar Mods.

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.... I was always bothered by the fact, that when I put my Shields from
CrazyLion's Shields on my back, while wearing
a Cloak/Cape of said Mods, the Shield would fall back 
into its original shape...

WOT ??!?

Here is what I mean:

... you see it? Not very immersive, right?

So after a nice conversation with CrazyLion, 
I got a decent slap in the face 
and was able to fix my issue.


So now one can have both at last.
A Cloak/Cape to protect us from the wintery cold 
AND a CrazyLion's Shield on the back to show off with.

You're welcome!

crazylion for his great Weapon Mods
ista3 for starting the idea