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Now with VR support. The first complete tonemapping and shader overhaul on the Nexus! A feature-filled experimental ENB with filmic features - Special Edition! Skyrim, resurrected.

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[size=8]Luminous ENB[/size]
for Skyim: Special Edition

What's this?
This is an ENBseries preset designed to make the game look more natural.
It adds in proper filmic tonemapping, as well as subtle realistic bloom, and a few special effects designed to evoke the feeling of film. It also takes advantage of the game's temporal filter to add in a high quality sharpening effect. Finally, it adds a quality depth of field effect. All of these options can be changed in the shader files. It's based off my work for Fallout 4, Improved and Expanded Everything 2.

As an added bonus, imagespace settings are preserved. In simpler terms, that means effects like Night Eye will work.

Note that, as ENB for VR is in the early stages, some features may be unfinished or broken. Please report any issues to the forum thread.

How does it work?
It replaces and adds to the game's shaders using the functionality present in ENBseries.

How do I install it?
0) (Optional) Install Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel for nicer weather and lighting.
1) Uninstall (backup first if necessary) any ENBseries or ReShade presets or files currently present in your game directory. While ENBseries and ReShade can work together, this preset is not designed for it.
2) Download the latest version of the ENBseries binaries from ENBdev and copy over d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll to your Skyrim Special Edition/VR directory.
4) Extract the contents of Luminous's archive into your Skyrim Special Edition directory, so that enbseries.ini and the enbseries directory are in the same place as SkyrimSE.exe.
5) Enjoy!

Note: It is recommended you disable Skyrim SE's Depth of Field, and activate TAA in the launcher.

Does this affect performance?
Performance impact will be slight, but perceptible for SE.
As of writing this, only core effects have been implemented into ENB for VR. As such, the performance impact should be fairly small.

Is this compatible with other mods?
Yes. Other presets for ENB or ReShade will conflict and produce unseemly visuals. Otherwise, mod away! Texture mods are highly recommended.

Are there any bugs?
Please report them as you see them!