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Extension of the weapons poisoning system in the Skyrim SE

Permissions and credits
Kela Poison Project /Improved weapon poisoning 1.3.1573
Extension of the weapon poisoning system in the game Skyrim SE.

Mod is translated by me, but I do not know English well.
If you find inaccuracies, then let me know.

=OLD versions are in Old files=

What the mod does:
1. Adds the number of poison attacks to the dependence on the level of alchemy, possession of weapons, luck. It is possible to leave a standard poisoning system.
2. Removes dialogues of weapons poisoning.
3. Introduces support for poisoning left and right weapons on the gamepad and mouse.
4. Add a solvent to flush the poison from the weapon. When the mod is initiated, three bottles are added. If there is a perk "Alchemy 1", you can prepare a solvent from a bottle of ale and three white mushrooms (well, I did not have enough imagination for other ingredients) in any cooking pot.
5. There is an MCM menu with settings.

Displaying information about the poison:
Pop-up messages about weapons poisoning are entered for information. For a more comfortable game, it's best to use plugins with widgets to display the poison on the weapon.
If you use Equipment HUD SE 2-1-9, then the Kela Poison Project plug-in includes a patch for Equipment HUD SE-2-1-9. This patch adds to the widgets information about the used poison. If you do not have Equipment HUD SE installed, then the patch will not hurt.
You can also use widgets from the Kalivore Poisoning Extended SE mode, which go as an additional file and are installed as a separate mod. The plugin Poisoning Extended SE separately to download it is not necessary, as in that case there will be conflicts. Permissions to use widgets on the author's mod, Kalivore, are received.

Skyrim SE 1.5.73
SkyUI SE 5.2 or higher
SKSE64 v2.0.15
Inventory Functions SE 06.00 (I put it into the plug-in archive, it is not necessary to install it additionally).

1. Install the Kela Poison Project plug-in. The installation is standard, via mod-managers or manually, by copying the contents of the archive into the "Data" folder.
2. Optionally install interface plug-ins. "Widgets from the mod Kalivore Poisoning Extended SE" can be downloaded from the additional link.

1. Standard, delete the plugin files from the "Data" folder.

1. The user from Nexus, Fudgyduff, for the provided sources of the Enhanced No Poison Dialogue plug-in for new runtime version and skse64. (
2. The user from Nexus, Kalivore, for updating the Inventory Functions SE plug-in (, for permitting the use of widgets from the Poisoning Extended SE (

Conflicts and Bugs:
Mod does not affect or rewrite the internal objects of the game, so it must be compatible with all modes except those that change the poisoning system.
Known bugs:
1. Immediately the first pressing of the poison does not work.
About found bugs or ideas you can write to [email protected]