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  1. biggmac89
    • member
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    Really love this mod linking two great mods together for Solitude.
    Was wondering if you'd consider updating the other cities to be linked to their respective refuges to their sewers. Another mod I also love that could benefit from this kind of treatment would be Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim City Edition.
    1. Teabag86
      • premium
      • 472 kudos
      Great idea! I've just updated the mod with doors in Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth. I had a lot of fun doing this and took considerable care to make the entrances feel like a natural extension of Skyrim Sewers. The areas are positioned perfectly where both mods would line up, even taking care to adjust the elevation. This completes all areas where both mods cross over. Here's the list!

      Solitude. Simple gated door exactly where both mods would cross over.
      Whiterun. Hallway built into the Refuge leading to a set of stairs down to the Sewers.
      Windhelm. Door built into the Refuge. The door leads to a frosty hallway and down some stairs into the Sewers.
      Markarth. Take the Dwemer Lift down to the Sewers. Also added an Alchemy station and idle markers in the new space.
    2. kalipou
      • premium
      • 12 kudos
      Would you consider doing something similar with Skyrim Underground? (
      Surely the sewers and Underground maze would connect
    3. Teabag86
      • premium
      • 472 kudos
      Hey, that looks pretty cool, thanks for the link. I can take a look at it, sure. The mod is massive and will take me a little while to familiarise myself with it. Do you know of any hard incompatibilities, for example using the same sewer entrance / exit? There are a number of entrances in the Palaces. Do you know if it plays well with PCE?
    4. biggmac89
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      Hey after two years of not really playing I came back to skyrim and naturally went back to many favorite mods including this one. Thanks for updating the other cities sewers! My thief has never been happier having so many escape routes linked to their favorite shops.
  2. RadioFreeHoward
    • member
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    I had no problem flagging this as an ESL, for those wondering if doing so was possible.
  3. Taffer42
    • supporter
    • 33 kudos
    This looks like it's going to be very useful! Thank you for this!

    I was wondering if you've ever considered doing a patch for Outlaws Refuge and Skyrim Underground? It's my understanding that the only thing making them incompatible is a single area. "The area where the Old Falkreath Vault is is very near the Outlaws Refuge...Outlaws Refuges adds a shack right on top of one of the dungeon entrances/exits."

    Also, there's a need for a patch between Clockwork and JK's Skyrim...Clockwork adds a trapdoor (Dawnstar Clockwork Terminus) behind the Windpeak Inn, but JK's Skyrim adds a small building called "Fredic's Room" directly over it.
    1. energy2716
      • member
      • 34 kudos
      The "JK's Skyrim" mod has no conflict with this mod (in Dawnstar), I checked.

      There is a patch to this mod:

      Compatibility patch for JK's Skyrim and Outlaws Refuges. Fixes clipping to the entrances in Solitude and Winterhold. Minor adjustment to Dawnstar entrance. Patches navmesh accordingly. File is .esp/ESL Flagged. Patch notes in the download.

      For "Skyrim Underground" (location near Falkreath) I will try to make a patch.
      Is there a conflict with "Clockwork"? I did not install this mod in my game. But I will try to protest.

      Perhaps I need a patch for Winterhold. But on him I have a lot of mods. I need to figure out which one is in conflict. The bug is uncritical. Enter the shelter possible.

      What other mods are there conflicts with?

      If I succeed, I will make separate patches and merged with one installation package.
      For the patch, you just need to move the hatch. It is not difficult.
  4. User_57218227
    • account closed
    • 22 kudos
    Very smart mod idea
    1. Teabag86
      • premium
      • 472 kudos
      Thanks. Both mods are perfect for a sneaky thief. It made sense to link them together. I think the location of the door is exactly where both mods would cross over. If you have any suggestions then let me know.
  5. clown503
    • member
    • 4 kudos
    Thank you!
  6. MrDragonfly
    • member
    • 0 kudos
    good idea :D