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Shouting is supposed to be the Dragonborn's main source of power however, it's proven to be really weak, this mod adjusts that by buffing the shouts.

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First of all thank you for checking the mod, please take a look at the description before you decide to install


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

This mod should work fine with other mods even the ones that change Shouts, but you load the one that you want to take over last, for example if you want my Shouts but you have a mod that modifies Slow time shout, load it after mine.


It is strange how weak the shouts are in vanilla, your strength is supposed to be your tongue and voice on top of your sword and shield, this mod fixes this.

********** Vanilla Dragon Shouts **********

Animal Allegiance

Lvl 1: Radius: 75ft->150ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl20 Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 50sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Radius: 150ft->300ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl50 Dur: 45sec->45sec Cd: 60sec->60sec
Lvl 3: Radius: 250ft->500ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl100 Dur: 60sec->60sec Cd: 70sec->90sec

Too short radius and level cap did not fit the high cooldown for this shout, so I improved it.

Aura Whisper

Lvl 1: Radius: 500ft->500ft Dur: 10sec->5sec Cd: 30sec->10sec
Lvl 2: Radius: 500ft->500ft Dur: 20sec->10sec Cd: 40sec->15sec
Lvl 3: Radius: 500ft->500ft Dur: 30sec->20sec Cd: 50sec->25sec

It is an utility shout which demanded high cooldown, and we did not need that high duration

Become Ethereal

Lvl 1: Dur: 8sec->10sec Cd: 30sec->25sec
Lvl 2: Dur: 13sec->15sec Cd: 40sec->35sec
Lvl 3: Dur: 18sec->20sec Cd: 50sec->40sec

Changed a bit the duration and cooldown 

Call Odahviing

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 300sec->150sec

Dragons are powerful we get it but 5 minutes were too long that no one decides to summon them

Call of Valor

Lvl 1: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec
Lvl 2: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec
Lvl 3: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec

It wasn't a good enough shout as a reward for completing the main quest, so I modified it that the hero you summon stays permanently unless you use other shouts.

Clear Skies

No changes needed.


Lvl 1: Maxlvl: 12->20 Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: 20->50 Cd: 35sec->50sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: 30->100 Cd: 40sec->90sec

Max level was too low and cooldowns a bit high.


Lvl 1: Maxlvl: 7->15 Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 40sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: 15->30 Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 45sec->40sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: 24->60 Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 50sec->70sec

Max level was too low and yet cooldowns were high plus this shout is hard to complete

Dragon Rend

No changes needed.

Elemental Fury

Lvl 1: Aspd: 1.3x->1.4x Dur: 15sec->15sec Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Aspd: 1.5x->1.7x Dur: 15sec->20sec Cd: 40sec->40sec
Lvl 3: Aspd: 1.7x->2.0x Dur: 15sec->25sec Cd: 50sec->50sec

It is one of the balanced and useful shouts, but people tend to leave it once they get artifacts or enchanted weapons so I buffed it's effectiveness a bit to make it strong enough to build around.

Fire Breath

Lvl 1: Damage: 50>100  Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 70>200 Cd: 50sec->50sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 100>500  Cd: 100sec->90sec

Compared to other shouts that we use to enhance our character, this shout is too weak, especially in higher difficulties so I boosted its damage combined with "Yol the fire within" the complete shout deals 1.000 damage so the early words are not broken but yet the complete shout can 1 shot like how its supposed to be
Also it was disappointing how soul tear was stronger than fire breath

Frost Breath

Lvl 1: Damage: 10/sec->5/sec Dur: 5sec->5sec Slow: 50%->50% Cd: 30sec->30sec 
Lvl 2: Damage: 14/sec->5/sec Dur: 5sec->10sec Slow: 50%->60% Cd: 50sec->50sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 18/sec->5/sec Dur: 5sec->15sec Slow: 50%->70% Cd: 100sec->90sec

Extended duration which means more damage per second and longer slows.

Ice Form

Lvl 1: Damage: 2/sec->1/sec Dur: 15sec->10sec Cd: 60sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 2/sec->1/sec Dur: 30sec->20sec Cd: 90sec->50sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 2/sec->1/sec Dur: 60sec->30sec Cd: 120sec->70sec

The purpose of this shout is to take an enemy out of the fight for a bit of time so I nerfed the damage for such an utility shout and lowered duration/cd so that it can be cast more often, putting an enemy out of the battle for 60seconds was too long and not needed

Kyne's Peace

Lvl 1: Radius: 75ft->150ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl20 Dur: 60sec->60sec Cd: 40sec->60sec
Lvl 2: Radius: 150ft->300ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl50 Dur: 120sec->90sec Cd: 50sec->90sec
Lvl 3: Radius: 250ft->500ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl100 Dur: 180sec->120sec Cd: 60sec->120sec

Not the most useful shout, tweaked it a bit

Marked for Death

Lvl 1: Damage: 1/sec->3/sec Dur: 60sec->60sec Armor: -25->-50 Cd: 20sec->20sec 
Lvl 2: Damage: 2/sec->4/sec Dur: 60sec->60sec Armor: -50->-150 Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 3/sec->5/sec Dur: 60sec->60sec Armor: -75->-250 Cd: 40sec->40sec

Tweaked it a bit, it was already useful so I buffed it by not much

Slow Time

Lvl 1: Slow: 70%->80% Dur: 8sec->5sec Cd: 30sec->20sec
Lvl 1: Slow: 80%->90% Dur: 12sec->7sec Cd: 45sec->30sec
Lvl 1: Slow: 90%->99% Dur: 16sec->10sec Cd: 60sec->40sec

It was already so strong in vanilla, but it was missing the feeling of stopping time, now it literally stops time if you use the complete shout. but had to nerf it if I do so.

Storm Call

Lvl 1: Damage per thunderbolt: 40->40 Dur: 60sec->60secCd: 300sec->150sec
Lvl 2: Damage per thunderbolt: 60->60 Dur: 120sec->120sec Cd: 480sec->200sec
Lvl 3: Damage per thunderbolt: 80->80 Dur: 180sec->180sec Cd: 600sec->250sec

Greatly reduced the cooldown

Throw Voice

No changes needed.

Unrelenting Force

Lvl 1: Damage: 2->10 Cd: 15sec->15sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 5->20 Cd: 20sec->20sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 10->50 Cd: 45sec->30sec

The most used shout, just added some base damage to it. 

Whirlwind Sprint

Lvl 1: Cd: 20sec->10sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 25sec->15sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 35sec->20sec

Cd reduction needed for an utility shout.

================ Word Meditation Shouts Abilities ================

Fus: Force Without Effort

- You stagger 25% less and foes stagger 25% more. (Augments power attacks and Unrelenting Force shout.)

Unchanged. It's powerful enough

Feim: Eternal Spirit

- While Ethereal, you recover health (25%->100%) faster. (Only active and visible on Active Effects menu when using Become Ethereal shout.)

Now being ethereal can be useful to regenerate health then get back to battle.

Yol: The Fire Within

- Fire Breath shout deals (25%>100%) more damage.

People all the time pick Fus over Yol so I had to buff it to make it even with the counterparts
I buffed this hard because I wanted to buff the fire shout further but that would break the early game so I buffed this one to sync with the shout later on

=============== Dawnguard Dragon Shouts ===============

Drain Vitality

Lvl 1: Damage to Stamina & Magicka & Health: 5-0-0/sec->5-5-5/sec Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Damage to Stamina & Magicka & Health: 5-5-0/sec->7-7-7/sec Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 60sec->45sec
Lvl 3: Damage to Stamina & Magicka & Health: 5-5-5/sec->10-10-10/sec Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 90sec->60sec

Tweaked it, it was shit, now it's actually useable

Soul Tear

Lvl 1: Damage: 0->0 Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 0->0 Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 300->300 Cd: 90sec->60sec

Damage is fine, it's supposed to be a finisher shout so I did not increase the damage.

Summon Durnehviir

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 300sec->150sec

As with Call Dragon shout, the CD has been reduced form excessive 5 min, to reasonably half the duration.

=============== Dragonborn Dragon Shouts ===============

Battle Fury

Lvl 1: Aspd: 1.3x->1.4x Area 25>50 Dur: 60sec->30sec Cd: 20sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Aspd: 1.5x->1.7x Area 25>50 Dur: 120sec->45sec Cd: 30sec->45sec
Lvl 3: Aspd: 1.7x->2.0x 
Area 25>50 Dur: 180sec->60sec Cd: 40sec->60sec

Buffed the speed to match Elemental fury, duration was too high, was too OP if you know how to use it properly so I decreased the duration

Bend Will

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 90sec->60sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 120sec->90sec

Lowered CDs, they were too high.


Lvl 1: Damage: 50->100 Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 75->175 Cd: 45sec->45sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 100->250 Cd: 60sec->60sec

Quite a powerful shout.

Dragon Aspect

Lvl 1: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->50% Armor: 25->50 Fire&Frost Resist: 0%->0% Shout CD Reduction: 0%->0% Duration: 300sec->300secCd: 1day->1day 
Lvl 2: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->50% Armor: 100->150 Fire&Frost Resist: 25%->25% (Added resist shock) Shout CD Reduction: 0%->0% Duration: 300sec->300sec Cd: 1day->1day
Lvl 3: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->100% Armor: 100->250 Fire&Frost Resist: 25%->50% (Added resist shock) Shout CD Reduction: 20%->20% Duration: 300sec->300sec Cd: 1day->1day

Made it a powerful shout the way it was supposed to be.

================ Black Book Epistolary Acumen Shout Abilities ================

Dragonborn Force

- Your Unrelenting Force shout does 3 times as much damage.

As I changed the unrelenting force damage, this will apply on the new damage.

Dragonborn Flame

Made no changes, because I boosted the fire breath shout too much already, this was used as a finisher to summon the wymer, now you just 1 shot and still summon it.

Dragonborn Frost

- Your Frost Breath Shout encases foes in ice for (15/15/15->5/10/15) seconds.

Okay let's face it, freezing an enemy completely for 15seconds while you heal yourself or kill others? sounds smart but 15 seconds was too long considering that the shout has it's own damage, utility and this is just a bonus to the shout.

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