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LostTruth64 and Alex9ndre

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A personal patch that removes the movement speed tweaks and nerfed the stamina drain by movement.

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I always loved the stamina and combat features introduced by Vigor however i'm personally not a big fan of how it changes your movement. While this may be a great change for players who prefers more of a 1 on 1 focused combat, the way I currently have my game set up isn't compatible with that playstyle. So I decided to make some simple direct modifications to better suit my playstyle and maybe for others as well. 


  • No longer move slower swaying side to side nor walking backwards

Context: The Vigor's original movement made it almost impossible to maneuver when you have several highly aggressive enemies on your ass at all time. This change is suited for people who prefer more of a chaotic playstyle and likes to fight against a horde of enemies like me. 

  • Stamina Rate Debuff through running lowered from 100% to 25%

Context: While I loved that Vigor made stamina an actual stat, I felt it was a bit too harsh when it came to how it punishes you by movement. Making it so that your Stamina would actually drain if you're below a certain threshold. Even when you're not in combat this becomes very tedious for me as this affects you when you're just traveling. Lowering the Debuff to 25% will no longer drain your Stamina via movement but instead slows your Stamina Regen. The slowed Stamina Regen isn't turtle speed but it is noticeable. So rather forcing you to stop your actions it will encourage you to pace yourself.

This still makes Stamina a valuable stat and a fun mod to use. Please thank and endorse the original author Alex9ndre for making the original wonderful VIGOR and be sure to check out Hazado's VIGOR MCM PATCH as well!