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Adds custom music to Moonpath to Elsweyr, including battle music.

Permissions and credits
One of the things that always irked me when playing Moonpath to Elsweyr was the usage of vanilla music. I mean, nordic/viking/whatever music doesn't really fit a tropical jungle or a desert. So, I fixed that. Features music by Alex Hull (originally made for Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr), Kevin MacLeod, and an unofficial TES Elsweyr theme by Zennakku. All used with permission and/or attribution, of course.
The mod includes normal exploration music (with day/night cycle), combat music, and an ending music that will also play normally in the player home after finishing the quest.

Required mods
Moonpath to Elsweyr

Suggested mods
Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch by Joseph Russell (fixes various bugs)
Beyond SKyrim: Bruma - Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch by Joseph Russell (not necessary at all, but quite nice if you have both mods)
Moonpath to Elsweyr Sky and Lighting fix by me, shameless plug but I personally couldn't stand the white sky in the base mod
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE by icecreamassassin, I would recommend this incredible mod regardless of having Moonpath but
it also adds some Moonpath-related content (for example, one of its first main quests sends you towards Moonpath's locations).

Known issues
-The combat music uses a script that, for performance purposes, updates much slower (every minute) when out of the Moonpath cells. So, if you add this mod while you're already inside of them, it might take a while for the script to realize you're in the Moonpath location and actually start updating the combat music.
-The script also sometimes gets stuck, meaning combat music never stops. To fix this (until the mod is updated with a proper fix), use the console command "RemoveMusic MUSMoonpathCombat" (without quotes)  Fixed! Thanks @Hazado!

Not compatible with mods that alter the cell records for the Moonpath cells. A mod that does that is my other Moonpath plugin Moonpath to Elsweyr Sky and Lightning fix, that has a patch to work with this mod in its own page, and also a merged plugin of both mods and patch. Another is Beyond Skyrim: Bruma - Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch, which can be fixed by putting this mod (or the patch for this and Sky Fix, or the merged plugin) in a higher position in the load order (as in high number, so low on the list, in other words make it load after) than the Beyond Skyrim Synergy Patch.

Install as normal by placing esp and bsa inside of the data folder. Should be uninstallable mid playthrough, as the scripts stop updating without leaving orphaned scripts. In theory.

A patch to add the music to the Legacy of the Dragonborn airship player home, hopefully.

Track list and Credits

Unofficial TES Elsweyr Theme by Zennakku

by Alex Hull (tracks from the Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr soundtrack, SoundCloud)

  • Alex Hull - Crystallized Moonlight
  • Alex Hull - Glistening Sea
  • Alex Hull - Dusk and Dawn
  • Alex Hull - Khenarthis Roost
  • Alex Hull - Oasis
  • Alex Hull - Sanctified Sands
  • Alex Hull - Uncharted Darkness

by Kevin MacLeod (
All of his tracks here are licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  • Tafi Maradi no voice Kevin MacLeod (
  • Leblon Kevin MacLeod (
  • Lagoa v2 Kevin MacLeod (
  • Kumasi Groove Kevin MacLeod (
  • Digya Kevin MacLeod (
  • Night Cave Kevin MacLeod (

My other works

I also make The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth mods, and I'm collaborating in the (dare I say) DLC-sized Revelations mod, that has an upcoming second chapter. If you play that game, you're welcome to take a look.