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Simple mod that adds a cute little brat for you to adopt. Follower version also available.

Permissions and credits
After forever and a day, Yumi has finally made it to Skyrim SE! Note: all screenshots are from the normal edition. Feel free to add your own screenshots and/or videos!

Adoptable Version
Adds a cute little brat child for you to adopt. You can find her at Honorhall Orphanage, ready for immediate adoption; no quests necessary. Originally made as a
request for a friend RPing as an Akaviri warrior, or whatever, and wanted a kid that fit the theme. I think I sort of succeeded in that regard.

Sidenote: use a mod that can force recruit followers (such as Extensible Follower Framework) to change her outfit. Recruit, change her outfit, dismiss her. Poof.

Follower Version
Proficient in both the bow and the sword, this plucky young urchin is ready to poke holes in anything your Dragonborn may encounter. She may
also comment often on how murdering people solves quite a few problems. Player takes responsibility for all fines, jail sentences, and wrongful
death lawsuits that may occur because of that.

Class: ranger (bow, one-handed, dual wield, sneak)
Perks: Light Foot, and a few class-related ones. I forget which now.
Level: levels with player, 1-100
Location: Honorhall Orphanage 
Voice Type: female child, or female young eager
Note: child voice type requires Relationship Dialog Overhaul - RDO SE

While not required, I highly recommend using Immersive Children, as it fixes a number of issues with custom adoptable kids and followers, and kids in general.

Install using MO, NMM, or just do it manually.

Change log:
v1.0 Initial release. May or may not cause your computer to burst into flames.

Eyes - by HHaleyy
SG Female Eyebrows, by hellosanta
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy, and Adorable Face by Lumination
Hepsy Hair, by ryoso
Body type is of the never-nude variety. Chill.

Follower Image Credits:
(you'll want this stuff if you want her to look like the screenshots)
Linkle Outfit, by Gimora - converted by etayorius
Huntress hat, zzjay's Wardrobe, by zzjay - converted by sakora (hat may or may not be in there. haven't checked)
Heart Shield, by wootwoot55 (Oldrim version, hasn't been converted - you could probably do it yourself in five minutes)

Can I marry her?
Why don't you have a seat over there, Chris Hansen would like to talk to you.  

CBEE, 7B0, UNPB, OMGWTFBBQ, Etc., pretty please????
Dude. She's a kid. A KID.

Why did it take you long to port her to SE?
I'm lazy. Really, really lazy.

Beth.net/Xbox version?
Uh...maybe. Still figuring out how to pack junk into BSA files. Also, did I mention I'm really lazy?