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A collection of my follower mods to adventure with in SSE.

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A collection of my follower mods to adventure with in SSE.

Summonable - Merchant - Healer - Custom Class - Marriage Candidates - Custom AI*

I created this page for the followers I have made in the past and converted for SE or for any new smaller follower projects I will be releasing. Please read Follower Details* below on specific Companion Skills/Placement/Info.

Unless implicitly marked, no other mods are required for the use of these followers. Please note that each of these mods are "Semi-Stand Alone"- meaning each is complete as you see here (hair/eyes/brow/beard) and they DO NOT NEED any other mod to be installed, but be aware will use your own body and facial textures that you currently have installed. So results will vary according to the male meshes textures you are using. I chose this method because people use a lot of different face/body replacers.

I recommend using Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE by cloudedtruth, it adds a lot of life into the game.


All of the followers here are summonable. I added custom a spell book to the inventory of each follower that teaches you a summoning power to call to you that particular follower, where ever you may be at the time. I like to have really active ai packages on followers (wandering around from town to town) so they can be hard to find sometimes. I hope this might be a solution to the problem. If you don't want to use the spell/power don't read them, sell the books instead.

Follower Details

Gareth Freyrik

Nord - Dual Skyforge War ax wielding warrior

Currently he is at level 8 with the potential to reach 100 and he levels up with the player.
Gareth is a member of the Companions in Whiterun and you can find him wandering Jorrvaskr's main hall, outside in the training yard, or resting in the living quarters in the basement.
He has several perks in One Handed, Stealth, as well as the Light Foot Perk for those pesky traps.
Gareth is currently set to protected status, and is a potential marriage candidate. He currently uses the maleeventoneaccented voicetype.

Gareth Freyrik's parents were killed when he was very young, he was raised in Falkreath by his only other living relative, his cousin Rikar Frostheart. Even though Rikar took great care with raising him, there were several questions about his parents deaths he would not answer. Gareth himself was far to young to remember anything but vague images and shadows from long since past. The only thing tangible he could bring forth from the memory of his parents deaths was the name Varg. Try as he might he could find no one with any connections to that name.
His cousin tried his best to protect him, getting him work as a scribe to keep him safe from the dangers of the world. Gareth's heart always yearned for more. A lust burned within him to wander and see other sites, explore more than just one small corner of Skyrim. By chance one day, he was charged with the delivery of a important letter to the Jarl of Whiterun. Gareth was overjoyed at the chance to spread his wings. Rikar objected to the task but, finally gave in realizing Gareth was of age and should do with his life what he chooses.
Death came to call for Gareth that night. He had only been on the road for half a day, when he was beset by a pack of wolves. Rikar had shown him the ways of one handed fighting as he grew. Although never before did he have to use the knowledge given to him. He froze in panic, it was then he heard a battle cry from behind him. An older man with greying hair leaped past him, felling the wolves with two quick movements of his weapon. The man turned to see if he was alright. He introduced himself as Kodlak Whitemane and together they travel the road to Whiterun. He marveled Gareth with old tales of adventures lost since past.
Before they parted ways Kodlak invited Gareth to visit Jorvaskrr during his stay in the city. After his work with the Jarl was complete, he rushed back hoping to hear more exciting stories. It then hit him, Kodlak Whitemane was a man of the world, he had seen and done allot of things in his day, he wondered if he would know this name Varg, that haunted him so. After a joyous meal many of the Companions retired and Gareth worked up the courage to question about the name. He explained about his parents deaths and how he was searching for this illusive person.
Kodlak grew pale as he heard the name, and almost instantly Gareth knew he had struck a cord. "I knew a man once called Varg..." Kodlak said. Gareth pressed for any information from him he had. "He was once my Shield Brother and now he is dead." Kodlak looked distant, almost losing himself in the past. Gareth knew by his expression to leave well enough alone. Still for him, the mystery remained.
After returning to Falkreath his mind was made up, he was going to become one of the Companions of Jorrvaskr. No matter how hard he would have to train, no matter what it would take, he would make Kodlak Whitemane tell him of this mysterious Varg.

Lethan Shadowleaf
Half Elven - One Handed Blade wielding Custom Troubadour Spellsword Class
Currently he is at level 8 with the potential to reach 100 and he auto-levels up with the player.
Lethan wanders the roads of Skyrim between Falkreath, Riverwood, and Whiterun and visits the Inns\Taverns along the way. Depending on the day of the week, you can find him resting at the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath, Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, or the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.
He has several perks in One Handed, Light Armor, Destruction, Restoration, Stealth, Light Foot, as well as many more. Lethan is currently set to essential status, and is a potential marriage candidate. He currently uses the maleyoungeager voicetype.

Version SE- (Renewal)
Lethan's appearance has been updated in this new incarnation, earlier versions of the mod will no longer be made available. He no longer comes with custom armor, so you can dress him how you would like. He is now equipped with his own blade. You can temper Lethan's "Swan Song" sword, at the sharpening stone.

Lethan was born to a breton mother and bosmer father, he would never know. Given to adoptive parents at such an early age made Lethan question his past as he grew. Excelling in arts, magic and sword play, he never let a learning opportunity pass him by. To earn his keep he became a bard, but still he never forgot his yearning to find his parents. As he set out in the world he found a bards life can earn you a lot of opportunities, including those that might yield clues to a shadowed past if one could dig deep enough.

Some secrets were never meant to be discovered, as Lethan soon found out. As Lethan planned out a reunion with his birth parents a sinister plot began to unfold. An assassin's league struck first killing his parents forever dooming him to a bleak uncertainty where all his questions would remain unanswered. One clue was familiar however, the blade the struck the killing blows. The weapon was the same one he had given to his adoptive brother years before.

Blood has been shed, and some atrocities can never be forgiven. Vengeance burns deep within Lethan's heart. In his pursuit of the murderer Lethan has come to Skyrim to search for the man he once called a brother. Betrayal has cut deep the bonds they once shared and now the only price for this treachery is death. Lethan's plans for vengeance are waylaid due to the resurrected Dragon menace. In a chance meeting Lethan joins the Dragonborn's cause and he lending his skills to help defeat the oncoming threat to Skyrim. Thoughts of the past still gnaw at him even in the happiest of times. Voices of the dead that speak to him, crying out for retribution. There are somethings that no matter how hard how you try, will never be forgotten.

Ren Wolf
Imperial - Dual Glass Dagger Wielding Rogue Healer Merchant - Fence
Currently he is at level 8 with the potential to reach 100 and he levels up with the player.
Ren is a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften and you can find him wandering around in the cities main market during the day, in the Bee and Barb or Ragged Flagon in the evening, and the Thieves Guild Headquarters at night. Every Weekend Ren makes a pilgrimage to visit the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. Ren Wolf will now heal your character with the “Whispers of Kynareth” shout and also work as a Fence/Merchant selling a few items/potions/weapons/etc. for characters to buy, and purchases stolen merchandise from the player.
He has several perks in One Handed, Light Armor, Restoration, Stealth, as well as the Light Foot Perk for those pesky traps.
Ren is currently set to protected status, and is a potential marriage candidate. He currently uses the maleeventone voicetype.

“Come to me, Kynareth, for without you, I might not know the mysteries of the world, and so blind and in terror, I might consume and profane the abundance of your beautiful treasures.” - Verse
During a pilgrimage to Skingrad some years ago, priestess Danica Pure-Spring was lead from the road by a crying wren. It was almost as if some unknown force was guiding her, leading her on through the wilderness. She soon came to a clearing, and the ruins of the Wayshire of Kynareth loomed up before her. The bird circled and cried out overhead beckoning her closer to the ruins. Danica slowly approached the Wayshrine and found a small bundle on the moss covered stone altar.
She slowly unwrapped the layers of skins and found that underneath was a small fragile sleeping child. The wren fluttered down and perched on a stone close by, turning its head this way and that staring intently at Danica and the baby. Danica looked up to the sky, she now knew why she brought here. There was someone watching out for this small one indeed. She turned to the wren, there was deep spark in its staring black eyes, and somehow Danica understood. This child had the blessings of Kynareth upon him. As she took the child up in her arms, the wren took flight climbing high and disappearing into the sky.
Danica brought the child back to the Temple of Kynareth and against the wishes of her elders raised the boy. She would him “Wren” after the bird that lead her from her path that fateful day in Cyrodiil, and raised him to one day be a priest of Kynareth.
Wren grew up fast in the Temple finding priest life was not always as good as it would seem. He witness miracles, yes, but also great tragedy. What impacted him the most was not the divine graces like his peers but, the human condition. Seeing first hand the terrible things man could do affected him greatly. Slowly he a seed of resentment grew within his heart until finally, disillusioned he left the Temple and priest life behind. He roamed Skyrim for many months taking one meaningless job after another, trying to find his place in the world losing much of his faith in the process. Eventually in his travels, he fell in with several members of the Thieves Guild. They offered him a place within the Guild, which having no other options than to return to the Temple he reluctantly accepted. Wren is a man full of internal conflicts. He spent half his life seeing such terrible atrocities and then in the end turning into the thing that he most most hated about humanity.
It was then he got word that the Temple of Kynareth had fallen on hard times. He went at once to Whiterun feeling so guilty for abandoning his foster mother and post as a priest. Wren was welcomed back to the Temple but, there was little he could do. Everyday they ran low on supplies, they could hardly care for the sick and wounded. The civil conflict between the Imperials and Stormcloaks was just heating up, and the situation looked dire indeed.
Seeing the horrors of the war was almost to much to bare, and he felt so helpless. It was then that Wren decided to use his post at the Thieves Guild to some advantage. With the money he made from his contracts and store, he funded the Temple. Wren tries his best to give back to the Temple, from what he takes from the outside world. He may never forgive himself for becoming a rogue, but at least now his life has finally has a purpose.


Q-Where do I find the spell books to be able to summon the followers?
A-They are in their inventory. Trade with them and take the book.

Q-Help! I can't find Lethan? Where is he hiding at??
A-On Sundas and Morndas he can be found in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, Tirdas and Middas he goes to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, and on Turdas, Fredas, and Loredas he resides at the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath. He normally sets off at 8 am on Tirdas, Turdas, and Loredas for the next city in his path, so it might take him a bit to reach the next scheduled destination. So wait around for a few hours or try to meet up with him on the road.

Q-Help!I can't find Wren? Where is he at in Riften/Whiterun??
A-Each weekday from 8am - 6pm Wren wanders around the Riften Market place selling his wares, from 6pm - 12pm he either frequents the Bee and Barb, or the Ragged Flagon, before returning to the Thieves Guild Headquarters at night. Each weekend he travels to the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun, he arrives in the early afternoon on Loredas and stays until Sundas late afternoon, before making the long trek back to Riften.

Q-Why doesn't Lethan use his sword in battle?
A-He does! Lethan will first use his Magic during battle, then as his Magica gets low he will move in and attack with his sword.

Q-OMG! My follower mod says Lethan is Breton. What's up with this?
A-His real mother was Breton. Read the background above.

Q-What face texture are you using?
A-It's a combination of four different textures. Due to permission restrictions, I'm using it for personal use only. I can not distribute it.

Q-I have problems with this mod?!?
A-Please let me know by PM and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If I forgot some please let me know, it wasn't intentional.
Any Racist, Bigoted, or Flaming remarks will be deleted/blocked/reported, so don't leave them.

Permissions - Credits
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
Brows by Hvergelmir
Beards by Hvergelmir
Eye Normal Map Fix SSE by Mr Dave
Ghosus Weapon Pack by Ghosu
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
SV Beards v. 2.1 by me