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Rim Stats is an MCM menu to display important info about the player that is otherwise annoying/difficult to keep track of

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This mod exists because I have been waiting for something like SkyStats from oldrim to be updated. I'm not sure if that will ever happen so I started on my own.

As of now Rim Stats has most of the info that Sky Stats did, but there are still a few things that I can't get to work right (or can't figure out how it was done) so they've been left out for now.

It also now includes a spell that shows most of the stats found in the MCM tab. It will show up under your powers once you learn it. The spell book to learn the Analyze Self spell is found on the round table in the corner of Farengar's room in Dragonsreach.

  • Add a way to access all stat info without having to open MCM (either a book or power probably)  Done
  • Add a new page to display faction relations/progression

This should be compatible with most mods. I play with 300+ installed right now and the only issue I've noticed is that the health bonus from better vampires doesn't get counted towards the total or bonus health. Some people have pointed out to me that it doesn't account for bonus stats from certain mods. I'll try to find a way to include those, but given the wide range of mods that modify stats I can't promise anything. A lot of these numbers come from how Skyrim stores stat info in actor values. If a mod isn't modifying the actor value then it won't be detected by Rim Stats.