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MCM menu with detailed character stats

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SkyStats - a MCM menu where you have a complete overview of all the key stats of your character. See pictures for a complete look. All the stats are there. Bonuses from perks are not included!

Quick information:

  1. Attributes
  2. Show buffed attributes, regen % and regen per second
  3. Primary skills + extra stats
  4. Lets you know how much each of your skills is increased in total + other stats like movement speed and attack speed

  5. Magical skills
  6. Is divided in two: magnitude and cost reduction

  7. Resistances
  8. The total of your core resistances

  9. Misc stats
  10. Not so much here, but maybe you know of something that should be here?

  11. Stats from other mods
  12. Stats from supported mods will be visible here. No mods are supported yet!


Your favorite mod manager

If there are any bugs related to wrong stats showing, it may be because I did it "on purpose". Many of the hidden stats in skyrim is not 100% understandable for me. So if you notice anything wrong, please post it in the bug section. And of course do the same if you find any other errors.

Future updates:
I tried to include most of the stats that are important to me, and probably important to most of you out there still playing Skyrim, but if you think that a certain stat should be included let me know about it and I will see what I can do.

I hope many of you will enjoy this mod! Thank you :)