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Lore-friendly mod that overhauls the forge area outside Warmaiden's building into a more spacious and beautiful atmosphere.

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This mod simply revamps the region outside of Warmaiden's in Whiterun (next to the entrance). I found the area very dull, and the anvil (part of the forge) is in the way of the smelter which I found overly frustrating having to jump over it every time. This mod will fix those problems and offers a nice atmosphere with good vibes.

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  • Nice looking area to craft and upgrade gear.
  • Added Arcane Enchanter to the area.
  • Added Cooking Spit to the area.
  • Added Shrine of Zenithar to the area.
  • Added Water Dispenser to the area (1.2.0-beta+).
  • And finally, a bench! (unbelievable)

Should be compatible with most mods out there since I yet have to find a mod that alters the area outside Warmaiden's. In short, as long as no other mod drastically changes that general area, this mod should be conflict-free. Place it anywhere in your load order :)

Here's a WIP list of incompatible mods: