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Replaces lots of SFX ingame with Lil Jon soundbites. Over 100 sounds in all!

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Welcome friends, to the repository of Crunk. In my ongoing quest to Lil Jon-ify Skyrim, I created 2 (thus far) separate experiences that I now share with you. You can use them both, or only one. There's next to no overlap in sound samples througout as I've pulled nearly 100 sound bites from every source I could find and am always on the lookout for more. That means you can rest easy knowing you won't be hearing the same 3 phrases over and over (Looking at you, Lydia) until you're sick of them.

Unless those 3 phrases are "WHAT?", "YEAH!" and "OKAY!" Because you'll hear that a lot.

The Lil Jon Dragon Experience -

Replaces nearly every dragon vocal sound with a Lil Jon one. 53 Individual sounds spread out among a huge variety of situations, including shouts, attacks, distant announces, and... hell, just watch the video:

The Lil Jon Quest Experience -

Update 1.1 - Fixed some triggers I missed and polished the description. To those who grabbed 1.0:  My bad, just use the new one.

What It Does:
Replaces every quest-related sound in the UI with a Lil Jon soundbite. For variety's sake I managed to get 48 different soundbites in there, mostly on the quest updates since you'll be hearing those the most. I could explain it, but the video does a way better job:

No surprises, just install using the Mod Manager of your choice, or manually if you happen to be a masochist. Shouldn't conflict with anything so long as it doesn't also change the UI's quest sfx.

Credit, Where It's Due:
Original idea by TheDarkEmperor on the mod page for my other SFX mod "Excitable Quester".