Skyrim Special Edition
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Make your Dovahkiin really excited about completing quests!

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Do you like completing quests? Do you long for a more excitable Dovahkiin? If you answered yes and yes, this mod is for you.

What it Does:
Who says you can only shout when you want to blow somebody off a building? What if you're just really happy? Or you're looking for an excuse just to shout gibberish like an asshole? Gives you a nice smorgasbord of quest completion sound choices. Pick one and be merry.

The original.

2 - Yeah Boyyyyyy!

Grill not included.

3 - Big Enough
A full 30 seconds of screaming sky cowboy. Only for the hardest of the hardcore.

4 - Trolololol
This really doesn't need a description.

5 - OH YEAH!!!
I went for the longer one from this video, but included is the 2 second Family Guy version if you don't like it. Just rename it to 'quest_completed' and delete the old one.

6 - What's Up?

7 - I'm Rich Beyatch!
Now go buy yourself something nice.

Suggestion Box:
The possibilities are endless. Changing the sound's an easy thing to do yourself, just replace the quest_succeeded.wav file in sound/fx/ui with whatever you want. But if you've got any suggestions that are too good to keep to yourself, send them over and I'll happily take 30 seconds out of my busy schedule to make it happen.

No surprises, just install using the mod manager of your choice, or manually if you're a masochist.