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This small patch changes A Quality Worldmap to use a clone of Skyrim's default imagespace, which Luminosity changes. This should fix issues with the world map appearing too bright.

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ESL-flagged .esp.

This small patch changes A Quality Worldmap to use a clone of Skyrim's default imagespace, with default lighting settings. Luminosity changes the default imagespace; as a consequence, the world map appears entirely too bright.

The patch only changes the default imagespace used by A Quality Worldmap and does not touch Luminosity, so it should be compatible with all versions of Luminosity - it was created for v3 - and potentially with other lighting mods that also make changes to the default imagespace.

If you find this patch doesn't work, or doesn't work properly, with the version of A Quality World Map you are using please let me know. It should be trivial to create alternates.

FYI, This patch was originally uploaded to the Luminosity page with Jonny's permission, but he removed it. I figured it'll be easier to just keep it separate in the future. With all the cool stuff Jonny and the Cathedral team work on, they really shouldn't have to worry about this patch on top of everything.

A Quality World Map is a "hard" requirement.
Luminosity is only required insofar as this patch aims to alleviate an incompatibility between the two. There is no technical dependency on Luminosity.

Load Order
Load after A Quality World Map (and after any A Quality World Map addons you may be using).
Doesn't matter whether it's loaded before or after Luminosity.

Note: As of June 10th, 2020, LOOT will sort this mod correctly.

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