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Between Riverwood and Whiterun, along the river is a small settlement owned by a legendary Nord named Aonghus (pronounced Angus). Though long gone, his home remains in your name. Aonghus was a warrior and his home is perfectly suited for the next one to call it home.

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UPDATED 9/19/2019

Fixed a floating tree and the bread stuck in the floor.

Between Riverwood and Whiterun, along the river, is a small settlement owned by a legendary Nord named Aonghus. Though long gone, his home remains and in your name. Aonghus (pronounced Angus) was a warrior and his home is perfectly suited for the next one to call it home. 

Home Features:
  • Private entrance to keep out Khajiit solicitors and squatters
  • Beautiful stone bridge crossing over the river onto property
  • Amazing views of Whiterun and Dragonsreach
  • Balcony views of Skyrim
  • Stunning river complete with calm pools and rushing waterfalls
  • Practice dummies
  • Garden that you can plant anything in
  • A fully functioning stable with 2 stalls
  • Full smithing forge
  • Upstairs loft, perfect for followers or children (When Bless Home is Added for SSE)
  • Complete master suite for you and your partner
  • Candle lit reading nook complete with book shelves
  • Multiple weapons racks throughout the interior
  • Armor mannequin
  • Complete eating area including cooking fire and rack
  • Large dining table for the whole crew
  • Alchemy table for mixing the perfect potion
  • Amazing amount of storage containers inside and outside the home
  • Beautiful old growth forest on the property
  • Easy access to Whiterun, Dragonsreach, Riverwood, and beyond
  • Horse stalls where you can keep your horses now
  • Armory

UPDATE 11/5/2016:
  • Added enchanting table inside!
  • Fixed landscape issues
  • Fixed lights at bridge and front entrance

UPDATE 10/1/2016
  • Rebuilt the entrance to the property to be more natural
  • Fixed landscape around main road so that road tiles are not so prominent
  • Updated bridge and road tiles to match location
  • Fixed floating childplay boxes
  • Fixed landscape texture blending

UPDATE 2/17/2017:
  • Fixed all nav mesh issues
  • Added a stable with 2 stalls
  • Added a garden behind the stables that you can plant in
  • General landscape fixes
  • Fixed backwards safe in master bedroom
  • General improvements and updates 

UPDATE 2/17/2017:
  • Rebuilt from the ground up for SSE
  • Horse stall where horses will actually stay
  • Dynamic armor and a sword in the blacksmith area where you can find leveled items
  • No more bugs or any interference with missions

UPDATE 6/9/2018:
  • New interior lighting profile and lights
  • Added armory basement
  • fixed floating tree for those who don't use bigger tree mods
  • all new outdoor flora and landscaping

Download and install with NMM or download manually and place file in the Skyrim Data folder. After install, follow load order procedure.

Load Order:
Let LOOT and/or NMM auto place.

Dragonborn and Hearthfires are required. To make this house your player home, this mod is set up to use Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions aka Bless Home

Marriage | Adoptions | Followers | Pets
As long as you have downloaded the Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions aka Bless Home, you will be able to add a wife/husband, children, followers, and pets.

Special Thanks
To Veez for all of their invaluable help. The ideas and creativity took this player home to a new level. Thank you very much! Also, thank you very much to chrishpz for helping me work out the kinds with the Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions aka Bless Home mod adaption.