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The most popular assassin armor in Skyrim now comes in CBBE SSE BodySlide version. With permission from the original author AmethystDeceiver. Proof of permission is in description.

Permissions and credits
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Thank you AmethystDeceiver for giving me permission to convert the armor to CBBE SSE BodySlide version.

Permission proof updated, in images section.

Skyrim (PC): Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament
Xbox One: Arise- Chapter 1-Black Sacrament Armor [XB1]

This is, as already mentioned above, the CBBE SSE BodySlide version of the armor. Non-HDTNo Physics enabled.
I deleted any .nif files that contains name "unp", "unpb", and "cbbe" in meshes folder as they're no longer needed (I edited the .esp and the bodyslide will refer to the files without those labellings).

(taken from Skyrim page)
Black Sacrament Armor is a standalone, fully modular and customizable armor system comprised of multiple parts, add-ons and color variants, as well as a handful of new weapons.

- Fully modular, multi-component Light Armor system in several color variants.
- Independent spell-based crafting system (spells separated into color variants).
- Bonus weapons pack with new weapon designs.

How do I craft this armor?
You should have received an initial quest marker (look in the Miscellaneous section of your quest journal). Locate the 5 assassin grave sites, exhume the shallow grave mounds, and loot the corpses to gain access to the spell tomes that will teach you the forging spells. There are a total of 10 forge spells, each armor set is craftable according to its color variant per spell. Many of the armors require human parts to craft. You can find an Assassins Bow in the quest loot which has a unique enchantment that will help you get all of the hearts and flesh needed.

If for some other reason the quest markers do not appear, double check your journal and highlight/unhighlight the quests to make the markers re-appear.

Once you cast the crafting spell, you will see 3 categories: Steel, Leather, Jewelry.
Steel - contains all of the armor's "hard goods" - stuff like Cuirass, Gauntlets, Boots, Weapons etc.
Leather - contains all of the armor's "soft goods" - stuff like Hoods, Cloaks, Scarf etc.
Jewelry - contains all of the armor's enchantable jewelry.

I tried to loot the corpses but I died instantly from the creatures guarding them.
Some of the grave sites are guarded by powerful creatures. This is on purpose, since some of the loot can be considered in the higher-powered range. If your character is low level, the easiest locations are (in order):
1. Ancient's Ascent
2. Eldersblood Peak
3. Skyborn Altar
4. Lower Steepfall Burrow
5. Shearpoint

Why do some of the crafting spells not have the full set of armor (like Shadowscale, Seryllic, etc)?
Some of the armor sets use shared parts from other sets. For example Shadowscale uses parts from Unholy, Seryllic uses parts from Leather. etc.

Why do some armor parts have no armor value?
They actually do have armor value. It is a percentage based armor boost that increases depending on how many extra pieces you equip. Tempering your base armor set will increase the added amount of protection as well.

Why is my character clipping through the armor?
Facial hair will clip through the cowl. This currently cannot be fixed conventionally through the CK.

I'm noticing perfomance issues, is this normal?
This version adds a lot of extra armor pieces and variants which can be all worn simultaneously or mix/matched. This can put a strain on your graphics card. With HD texture installed, running all variants simultaneously (on you and your followers) with the maximum number of equipped pieces can possibly cause slowdown in performance especially when multiple other high-res texture mods are also installed. If you notice performance hits, reduce the number of simultaneous variant armor sets in-game.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Manual: Put the .esp, meshes, and textures in Data folder, and anything with 'Black Sacrament Armor' in Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderGroups and /SliderSets.
NMM: Just install as usual.

Manual: Delete the .esp, meshes, and textures from Data folder, and anything with 'Black Sacrament Armor' from Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderGroups and /SliderSets.
NMM: Just uninstall as usual.

For a permanent uninstall: This method will ensure a SAFE AND CLEAN uninstall process that will reduce your risk of having a corrupted save game.

1. First and foremost, unequip all Black Sacrament armors and remove them from your inventory (this will ensure there are no lingering magic effects present on your character).
2. Travel into a safe location, such as a vanilla exterior in Skyrim. Wait in-game about 3-4 days. Save your game. Quit Skyrim.
3. If you originally installed with NMM, open NMM and uninstall the mod as usual. Skip to step 4 if you originally manually installed.
4. Manually download and install the Black Sacrament Armor CLEAN UNINSTALLER FILES from the downloads section (unzip and drag all contents into Skyrim/Data). Do not install these files through NMM.
5. Re-load your save game, wait an additional 24 hours in-game. Save and exit.
6. Delete the Black Sacrament esp and related files. Do not delete the scripts in the scripts folder.

Q1: Location where I can get the armor/outfit?
A: See description or use console command.

Q2: UNP/UNPB/SeveNBase/etc?
A:  Please see optional file.
UNP ("Dimonized"), UNP skinny ("Petite"), UNPB ("Blessed"), LE CBBE Curvy ("Curvy"), LE CBBE Slim ("Slim").
For the satchels: Small fits Petite and Slim, Medium fits Dimonized, Large fits Curvy and Blessed.

Q3: How about UUNP?
A: No.

Q4: Physics/CBP/etc?
A: This mod has Physics option. This is unsupported.

Q5: Can you convert this xxx armor/outfit?
A: Feel free to send me PM for the request. However, I will do it ONLY if I like the suggested mod AND if I have time to do so. Also:
- not excessively skimpy (e.g. bikini mods)
- not kinky
- not having extra long skirt (because I'm too lazy unless I really like them)
- the original author is still active, or the mod has open permission
- it won't require several permissions from different authors
- I need to remind you that I have no obligation to comply to your request(s)

Quick Guide for newbies 

Other mods from screenshots:
used by dovajoaquim (please ask him for details)

Update Log
22-04-2018: Made satchel only one version.
25-04-2018: Replaced with non-FOMOD for optional file.
26-04-2018: Added Physics option.
01-05-2018: (Finally) added Dark Brotherhood armor replacer. Please see sticky post for details. Thanks to ninjadyne for testing it.
04-08-2018: Made static to have same meshes as in physics. Combined the files. Fixed bone weighting for gaiters and tasset. Added sliders from body reference for gloves. Made tasset to more fit towards the body. Added missing textures for book.
21-08-2018: Corrected the path for source folder.
23-08-2018: Update for CBBE ver 1.4 (see related changelog).
12-11-2018: Thanks to Jeir, improved meshes and slider data. Zap hidden body. Also converted to higher poly for main outfit and esp fix.
12-01-2019: Thanks to DEaglechan for tasset fix.

AmethystDeceiver (as the original author)
Jeir for CBBE conversion, BodySlide sliders, WordArt.
oeliza for converting the main outfit to high poly.
Gigist for Physics version (in previous version)
SunJeong and her discord team for teaching me to convert and testing this armor.
dovajoaquim and shinoboru for awesome screenshots
Yserieh for the videos and testing, and also ninjadyne for testing.
SgtDEagleson for esp fix.
Spongeman131 for ESL version.

My porting/converting mods  


Thank you guys for the support, this mod made it to hot files!