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The Black Sacrament Armor pack is the first installment of The Black Phoenix Stealth Assassin guild mod. Black Sacrament Armor is a standalone, fully modular and customizable armor system comprised of multiple parts, add-ons and color variants, as well as a handful of new weapons.

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Arise - Chapter 1: The Black Sacrament

"And behold, the sons of Sithis call upon me.
I descend into the Void, my body turns to ash.
I surrender my soul to the Dread Father.
Embraced by the eternal darkness of the Black Sacrament,
I am reborn, forged anew from the blood of the fallen."


The Black Sacrament Armor pack is the first installment of The Black Phoenix Stealth Assassin guild mod. Black Sacrament Armor is a standalone, fully modular and customizable armor system comprised of multiple parts, add-ons and color variants, as well as a handful of new weapons.

Arise - Chapter 2 and more coming soon (details to be annouced)


- Skyrim patched to at least 1.6


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Lustmord Vampire Armor (my latest armor mod)
Dimonized UNP female body (Warning: NSFW Adult content)
UNP Blessed female body (Warning: NSFW Adult content)
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Black Sacrament Armor
- Fully modular, multi-component Light Armor system in several color variants.
- Independent spell-based crafting system (spells separated into color variants)
- Bonus weapons pack with new weapon designs.
- View the full chart of all parts and info

Note: Suggestions and requests are always welcome! But please understand that I will not be able to address or satisfy them all. I will choose to implement requests based on popular demand and/or those that respect the original scope of the Black Sacrament Armor design aesthetic.

(Please send me a PM if you can translate in other languages and send me the link so I can include it here)

1. Download using the Download with manager button or manually (add it under the mods tab)
2. Press the install mod button and select your options in the installer (Highlight selections to view descriptions and images).

1. Download manually from Nexus. Choose either HD or SD version (do not install both).
2. Extract the 7-zip file and open contents.
3. Copy everything into your Skyrim/Data folder EXCEPT the Optional and Fomod folder. Overwrite when prompted.
4. [OPTIONAL] If you wish to install a female body type, open the optional folder, open the fembody folder, and open the folder matching the type of body you wish to install: CBBEcurvy, CBBEslim, UNP, UNPskinny, or UNPblessed (you can refer to images for a comparison shot). Choose ONLY ONE.
- When you have opened the folder of your choice, copy the Meshes folder located inside and paste into your Skyrim/Data folder. Overwrite when prompted.
5. [OPTIONAL] Decide whether or not you want to replace Dark Brotherhood's Shrouded Armor in-game.
- If you choose to replace the Shrouded Armor, open the Optional folder, open the DBReplacer folder and open the folder with the name of the color style you want. copy the BlackSacramentDBReplacer.esp file into your Skyrim/Data folder.
- Not all color variants are available to The Dark Brotherhood. Some are exclusive to Black Phoenix.

Make sure all the esm and esp files are active in the skyrim launcher under Data Files.

Refer to troubleshooting section if need be.

For a permanent uninstall: This method will ensure a SAFE AND CLEAN uninstall process that will reduce your risk of having a corrupted save game.

1. First and foremost, unequip all Black Sacrament armors and remove them from your inventory (this will ensure there are no lingering magic effects present on your character).
2. Travel into a safe location, such as a vanilla exterior in Skyrim. Wait in-game about 3-4 days. Save your game. Quit Skyrim.
3. If you originally installed with NMM, open NMM and uninstall the mod as usual. Skip to step 4 if you originally manually installed.
4. Manually download and install the Black Sacrament Armor CLEAN UNINSTALLER FILES from the downloads section (unzip and drag all contents into Skyrim/Data). Do not install these files through NMM.
5. Re-load your save game, wait an additional 24 hours in-game. Save and exit.
6. Delete all of the Black Sacrament esp files. Delete the Black Sacrament .bsa file and any leftover meshes in Skyrim/Data/Meshes/Dcvrworks/BlackSacrament. Do not delete the scripts in the scripts folder.

Notes and known issues:
A full set of all equippable pieces of Black Sacrament Armor may not show up properly on default skyrim mannequins due to limitations of 10 max items in their script.

Armor body slots may not be compatible with some mods (causing them to unequip due to taking up the same body slot even though they don't overlap). To help decrease this issue I created this thread back on Feb 8 (whether mod authors choose to follow this protocol is entirely their decision):
Body node discussion thread

What happened to The Black Tower?

The tower has been discontinued and has been removed. A new tower is being designed in its place, and will be part of a new mod called Black Phoenix (released in chapter 4). You can try out my other house mod if you need a place to stay: Amethyst Hollows

How do I craft this armor?

You should have received an initial quest marker (look in the Miscellaneous section of your quest journal). Locate the 5 assassin grave sites, exhume the shallow grave mounds, and loot the corpses to gain access to the spell tomes that will teach you the forging spells. There are a total of 10 forge spells, each armor set is craftable according to its color variant per spell. Many of the armors require human parts to craft. You can find an Assassins Bow in the quest loot which has a unique enchantment that will help you get all of the hearts and flesh needed.

Make sure you are patched to at least Skyrim patch 1.6 in order for the quest markers to appear. If for some other reason the quest markers do not appear, double check your journal and highlight/unhighlight the quests to make the markers re-appear.

Once you cast the crafting spell, you will see 4 categories: Steel, Leather, Jewelry, Misc.
Steel - contains all of the armor's "hard goods" - stuff like Cuirass, Gauntlets, Boots, Weapons etc.
Leather - contains all of the armor's "soft goods" - stuff like Hoods, Cloaks, Scarf etc
Jewelry - contains all of the armor's enchantable jewelry
Misc - contains all of the armor's female body variants. Supports: UNP ("Dimonized"), UNP skinny ("Petite"), UNPB ("Blessed"), CBBE Curvy ("Curvy"), CBBE slim ("Slim"). Use this in case you or your followers have a unique body type that differs from the default installed female body type.
For the satchels: Small fits Petite and Slim, Medium fits Dimonized, Large fits Curvy and Blessed.

I tried to loot the corpses but I died instantly from the creatures guarding them.

Some of the grave sites are guarded by powerful creatures. This is on purpose, since some of the loot can be considered in the higher-powered range. If your character is low level, the easiest locations are (in order):
1. Ancient's Ascent
2. Eldersblood Peak
3. Skyborn Altar
4. Lower Steepfall Burrow
5. Shearpoint

Why do some of the crafting spells not have the full set of armor (like Shadowscale, Seryllic, etc)?

Some of the armor sets use shared parts from other sets. For example Shadowscale uses parts from Unholy, Seryllic uses parts from Leather. etc.

Why do some armor parts have no armor value?

They actually do have armor value. It is a percentage based armor boost that increases depending on how many extra pieces you equip. Tempering your base armor set will increase the added amount of protection as well.

Will you upload this to Steam Workshop?

No. Steam Workshop's maximum upload size is 100MB (ridiculous). The .bsa file alone is over 150 MB.

Why is my character clipping through the armor?

Facial hair will clip through the cowl. This currently cannot be fixed conventionally through the CK.

I'm noticing perfomance issues, is this normal?

Version 4 adds a lot of extra armor pieces and variants which can be all worn simultaneously or mix/matched. This can put a strain on your graphics card. With HD texture installed, running all variants simultaneously (on you and your followers) with the maximum number of equipped pieces can possibly cause slowdown in performance especially when multiple other high-res texture mods are also installed. If you notice performance hits, reduce the number of simultaneous variant armor sets in-game or install the SD texture option.

If I install the DBReplacer option, can I use another Dark Brotherhood replacer armor too?

It depends. The DBReplacer only replaces the default Shrouded armor set (the one astrid gives you), as well as the Shrouded Cowl Maskless (appears as a BSA Veil). It does not touch the Worn Shrouded or Ancient Shrouded, so if another mod only replaces those armor sets, you will be able to run them simultaneously.

The DB Replacer cowl is only a half-face mask, I want the full hood covering my character's face like the vanilla cowl.

You can equip the Shrouded cowl (half face mask) and the Shrouded cowl maskless (veil) simultaneously to create a full hooded look.

Refer to my Mod User's Survival Guide

Eriko for translating to Russian.
Kameleon98 for translating to Polish
Dimon99, Caliente, Calyps - for creating great female body types.
Chesko - for his help with Frostfall compatibility with my mod.

You may NOT re-upload this mod in its entirety anywhere unless as a direct translation only. If you have an individual request for asset use please send me a PM. Most of the time I will say yes, but the exceptions are almost always: No re-use of my custom textures. No-remodded armor sets that are called "Black Sacrament" (if you plan on re-using parts of this mod, do so for your own armor and ask me first).