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Changes the in-game mannequins (including hearthfires) to use the player based body mesh (Vanilla, CBBE, UUNP, Tempered Males, etc...). Male and Female options. Includes 12 custom textures that fit the most common body meshes. Female and Male Height/Weight options included. Install esp and texture separately.

Permissions and credits
Updated to Version 1.1: CRASH FIX
Short Version:
Download the NEW 1.1 MAIN FILE and reinstall with your gender choice.
Updated mahogany eye/hair and stony cloud eyes, re-download if you use those and want better eyes/hair.

Long Version:
Sorry about the false start, Crashing occurred because I made some changes to the facegen.nif that made eyes act more like skin than eyes. This caused some bone segments to become disassociated. For some reason when you tried to leave the room it would crash. I'd like to blame Bethesda, so... uh... I will.
Additional: The Cloudy Stone and Mahogany textures (male/female) had overzealous _msn maps for the eyes that the new eye method I had to implement does not like. Download the new 1.1 versions of those to fix funky creepy eyes if you use those textures. Hair was overzealous on Mahogany textures as well.

This mod changes the in-game mannequins (including hearthfires) from the default to the Nord based mesh that the player uses (vanilla, CBBE, UUNP, Tempered Males, etc...).  Also includes 12 options for custom made textures that fit with the most common body meshes used. Male/Female Height/Weight options included. Install esp and texture separately.

Male or Female body options included.
Limited Height & Weight options included.

To install
Step 1) download the main file and install via the FOMOD options menu. After installing the esp of your choosing (sex/height/weight)
Step 2) install the appropriate texture option of your choosing.
The options are
a) Female - CBBE or UUNP/Vanilla Body
b) Male - Any Body

Potential Issues:
1 ) If you have already loaded a mannequin in your game the weight setting you choose may (probably) not be applied to the mannequins for your game. The height options will still work. You can use the console command "setnpcweight ##" if your weight settings do not work, or you would like finer control over the mannequin weight. Changing the weight through the console will temporarily cause the facegen to unload. You can use various methods to fix this, but the best is to ignore it and check it the next time you fully load your game (like from having quit the game). It should restore itself when the game loads.

2 ) I tried doing a thing for hair that may or may not interfere with how things are equipped on your mannequin. My testing did not reveal any issues, through there may be problems that come up, let me know by reporting a bug.

3 ) While this mod includes hair styles from KS Hairdo's, it is in the form of a helmet. Unfortunately I am not able to fully control the mannequins behavior in how they equip the hair helm. Normal hair could not be used since it would not be hidden if a helmet was worn and would clip through the surface. Generally the priority of the hair helm is low, so the mannequin should wear whatever you give it in lieu of the hair. You may of course, remove the hair from the mannequin directly.

4 ) Mannequin spawned with no hair? - I cannot control this behavior without making more extensive changes than I'm interested in doing. If your mannequins have spawned without hair you can remove the hair helm from their inventory and give it back. That should fix the issue. Likewise, you can remove the hair if it causes issues as well.

5) Head/Body gap! If you did not choose Height 100 and weight 100 it is possible to have gaps between the head mesh and body mesh, sometimes lighting will be off as well, causing a texture mismatch as well. This seems to impact the male models more so than the female ones. Sometimes this can be fixed by using "setnpcweight ##" although I'm not sure how the behavior works out. In general, to fix this (I believe) I'd need to run a facegen for every single body height and weight and include those as part of the FOMOD. As the facegen mesh needs multiple edits, this was more than my poor heart could bear. If someone would like to do it using my facegen as a template, or generating their own facegen I'd be happy to incorporate it or link you. (NOTE: you need left and right eyes if you do this)

No other mods are specifically required for the functioning of this mod.
This mod does not come with body meshes. Though it does come with facegen and Two KSHair meshes.
This mod contains no nudity or other salacious elements. It's as naughty as you are.
If your game body mesh uses underwear, the mannequin will be wearing it. I do not modify any underwear.
If your mesh has male... pride, it will be shown on the mannequin if it is part of the male mesh for Nords. I have begrudgingly incorporated several mesh types into one.
This mod does not impact the behavior of mannequins.
There are no scripts.

Attempts were made to make the re-texures work for a wide variety of body types. Some might have been missed, and some might show seams where others do not. In general for females the CBBE body will have the most fidelity, since those meshes fit more carefully together. The UNP/Vanilla option should work with a variety of UUNP based body types, so long as they do not violate the parameters of the original UV map. For males I suggest Tempered Skins for Males and the associated meshes.

So far I am sure that these meshes work well for this mod:
Females: CBBE, UNP, UNPB and Vanilla bodies
Males: Tempered Skins for Males, SOS "Salute"

Problem meshes:
SOS "really, the water was cold": Will have awkward texturing and lighting on the coin purse.
Vanilla (Bethesda Male Mesh): will have awkward texturing and lighting on the feet if you use the standard foot mesh.

Does this work for "X" mesh?
I do not know, If someone would like to report on "X" I'd be happy to update the compatibility list.

I suggest you get a male mesh replacement like Tempered Skins for Males.

For all males there is an awkward lighting seam that occurs on the upper thigh. All the model space normals (_msn) I tested for this had the same seam, even ones I generated myself.

Credits, & Thanks:
I could not have made this mod without the tireless efforts of the modding community. Many of whom have been kind enough to create guides that lit the path.

This mod includes two modified meshes/hairstyles from:
KS Hairdo's SSE - Female Style: Sandra, Male Style: Blackout

This mod uses modified model space normal maps (_msn) from these two excellent mods:
Tempered Skins for Males - Males Smooth body
Mature Skin for Females - Female CBBE & UNP variants

These body mods were used as the main body foundation:
Tempered Skins for Males - Males, includes male pride options, ultra proud and "the water was cold".
Enhanced Character Edit- For better faces. Used for generating facegen in CK
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies
UNP Blessed Body
Bethesda's Vanilla Body, Eyes, Face, Brows

This mod started me on my quest:
Sculpture Statue Mannequins
I wanted an SSE version of that mod, upon conversion however I noticed some deficiencies that I though I could attempt to solve. Unfortunately that lead down a rabbit hole that had me learning Blender, GIMP, and procedural textures. Ultimately leading to the new mod you see here.

Additional thanks to creators of these programs:
Blender - Totally free 3D software. A triumph among open source software.
NifSkope - For saving me from the CK
SSEEdit - For saving me from the CK
Blender Nif Plugin
FOMOD Creation Tool - Clever program for easily creating FOMOD installers.

Additional thanks to the creators of some approaches to difficult procedural textures, specifically helped in generating these styles:
Giovanni Lucca - Mahogany Wood
Remington Graphics- Cloudy Stone & Red Marble
Cyn-Prod - Maple Wood & Cherry Wood
And the numerous other users who have contributed to the Blender community through free, high quality guides and tutorials. Primarily Blender Guru

Additional Info:
This mod is primarily a re-texture, but considerable rework had to be done on the class "Manikin" and the NPCs that are the mannequins themselves. As such I do not know if it will interfere with other mods that target mannequins. In general though, this mod should be loaded after other mods that impact mannequin appearance. For myself, I use Mannequins Stay Put loaded after my mod, without issue. This mod contains no scripts, and generally modifies existing esp entries otherwise. It should be reasonably safe to install or remove during a play-through.