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The Nexus page for The Phoenix Flavour guide - - with all necessary files.

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A comprehensive Vanilla+ modding guide for Skyrim SE.
Beginner-friendly with an intuitive layout designed to be easy to follow.
Providing full, in-depth conflict resolution for all mods.
Regularly updated and expanded.
Built with Mod Organizer 2.

Support through Discord.


The Phoenix Flavour sets out to provide you with a guide that never strays too far from vanilla yet utilizes hundreds of mods to improve the core game, its visuals and gameplay. You are provided with installation instructions for a mod setup featuring the best the modding community has to offer while ensuring compatibility, consistency, and stability. All plugins were checked for conflicts, errors, and the correct form version in SSEEdit. Instructions for all steps in the modding process, including porting mods, installing ENB, and running DynDOLOD, are provided.

TPF is an eternal work in progress. Updates with improvements and new additions are released regularly - check our Discord server and my Patreon for the latest news!

For more information, please check out the full guide!

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o WEATHER & ENB Cathedral Weathers and Seasons + Serio's ENB.
o LIGHTING COMBO Luminosity Lighting Overhaul + Relighting Skyrim.
o FLORA & LANDSCAPE Veydosebrom + Enhanced Vanilla Trees.
o DISTANT TERRAIN DynDOLOD + 3D Tree LOD (instructions for regular tree LOD are available).
o GAMEPLAY SimonMagus' lightweight suite of mods: Adamant for perks, Mysticism for magic, Blade & Blunt for combat.
o LOOT DISTRIBUTION Vanilla loot with small consistency adjustments.

Currently supported version of Skyrim SE: 1.5.97
Currently supported version of SKSE64: 2.0.17


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