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Adds past Civil War battlefields to make the world of Skyrim feel like it exists without your intervention and is actually at war.

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This mod is heavily inspired by Honored Dead for Skyrim LE.

I felt as though the mods for SE that tried to do something similar either had a few glaring issues or ended up reducing immersion. This simple mod places past battlefields around Skyrim as well as Imperial prisoners outside of Windhelm and a Stormcloak prisoner outside of Solitude.

This mod contains:

Ambushed Imperial Convoy on the Road East of Helgen

An Imperial Checkpoint Going to Markarth

A Large Battle in the Forest of The Pale

Thalmor and Imperials vs. Stormcloak Soldiers in the Marshes

Shipwrecked Imperial and Stormcloak Fleet between Winterhold and Dawnstar

An Imperial Checkpoint near Fort Greymoor

Buried Stormcloak Soldiers near Windhelm

Two Imperial Prisoners near Windhelm

One Stormcloak Prisoner near Solitude