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Welcome to Macromancy 4 Reborn for SEE (alpha). This mod adds magic that lets you alter size of things. Ported from oldrim with Spasticon1 permission. This mod is an Alpha because SKSE is in Alpha.

Permissions and credits
Original Mod can be found here: Macromancy 4 Reborn

Macromancy is a mod featuring size-changing magic. It was originally created by harbinger86 and then Vanax8991 improved upon it. Then Revylrie continued with the previous version of this mod, but now he's moved to SE, so he was no longer working on it. Due to the fact that he gave permission to people to do whatever they wanted to with it without asking for permission, I then decided to continue on it. Then Vanex  finally released Verion 1.0 of Macromancy 2, which redid the framework of Macromancy. So then I tried to incoperate the new framework into my mod. As a result, my mod broke. So now here's a revamp of Macromancy 4. Introducing Macromancy 4 Reborn! I have rebuilt this mod from the ground up. So enjoy! :)

  • EVERYTHING now Scales.
  • A potion for Restore Size.
  • A unique Macromancy sword.
  • Made the Absorb Size spells blue.
  • Added new Unique Menu Display Objects for the Grow spells, absorb size spells, and restore size spells.
  • I've added a new script to the smmSpell script that lets it scale the 3rd person camera. Yep you read that right. Lavidren
  • Lore! Well sort of. Haven't readded the lore yet.
  • Elara Malene: The merchant/trainer. She's a Breton. You'll find her at the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold she has the items the mod adds, as well as some miscellaneous mage stuff. Um. You can't talk to her yet. I suggest for now that you use the mod Add Item Menu to get the stuff. or use TCL to get to the chest.
  • Growth spells, shrinking spells, and more!
  • A Brand New SkyUI MCM.
  • Some spells have staves and scrolls to go with them.
  • A lot of the stuff were added to the leveled lists. I haven't done that yet in the Reborn verion.

The Spells

Shrink Spells:
  • Shrink: Apprentice Spell. Causes the caster to dwindle in size.
  • Shrink Other:  Apprentice Spell. Causes the target to dwindle in size.

Size Absorbing Spells:
  • Absorb Size: Apprentice Spell. Causes the target to shrink, transferring their size to the caster.to 
  • Mass Absorb Size: Adapt Spell. Drains size from all targets in the area of impact.
  • Greater Absorb Size: Adapt Spell. Drains size from a target. (Will be tweaked to expert level.)

Growth Spells:
  • Give Size: Apprentice Spell. Causes the target to grow at the expense of the caster's maximum size. Requires a maximum size value greater than 1.
  • Grow: Apprentice Spell. Causes the caster to increase in height, provided they are currently smaller than their maximum size.
  • Grow Other: Apprentice Spell. Causes the target to increase in height, provided they are currently smaller than their maximum size.

Size Restoration Spells:
  • Restore Size: Apprentice Spell. Returns the caster to their normal height.
  • Restore Size Other: Apprentice Spell. Returns the target to their normal height.
  • Mass Restore Size: Adapt Spell. Returns targets in a area to there normal height. Will be readded in a future update

  • Consume Size: Lesser Power. Converts the caster's maximum size into extra health, magicka, and stamina. This power does not have a spell tome.

  • Potions of Restore Size 
  • Staffs
  • Scrolls
  • Sword of Macromancy

  • Skyrim
  • Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE): You Must have this installed. Otherwise the mod won't work.
  • SkyUI: If you want to see the mod's MCM menu.

Installing and Uninstalling

Installing is easy, just put the esp along with the Textures , Meshes, and Scripts folders into your Data Folder. when it asks if you want to copy the stuff click "Yes to all"

Uninstalling is a bit harder, delete the esp, then go and delete the scripts that start with vmm, then go delete face gen data the mod adds.



PC Head Tracking and Voice Type - The headtracking works with Macromancy 4 not sure about the Reborn version.

Fully Compatible

Pretty much everything. (There are exceptions below.)

Somewhat Compatible

Macromancy Revamp - Like Macromancy 3, it's also based off Macromancy 2, It adds additional size changing effects. It's functional, but buggy if used alongside this mod.

Racemenu - the Racemenupluging.esp has a feature that lets you scale the character's height using setnodescale. This mod will override that feature.

Not Compatible

Macromancy 3 - this is because Macromancy 3 is the previous version of the mod.
Any mod that regularly changes the Fame and Infamy values.