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Adds 2 unique weapons + 4 craftable Chitin weapons into the game world, found in Solstheim.

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*** UPDATE: Version 1.2 is here with bug fixes and 2 new added Chitin weapons!


Adds 2 new, unique weapons + 4 craftable Chitin weapons: Bow, Greatsword, 1hd Sword, and Dagger. The weapons are made to be lore-friendly, as well as powerful, but not overpowered.

Thanks to MooseHelm for the video!

Thanks to Vatiwah for the feature in his video!

Unique Weapon Details

Dwemer Lightning Fork - a dagger-based weapon, with low melee damage, but deals high shock damage and has the ability to execute a debilitating shock when performing a power attack; knocking back enemies and paralysing for a second.

- 40 shock damage on basic attacks
- 180 shock damage over 3 seconds on power attacks
- Power attack ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds
- Some enemies are resistant to the knockback effect
- Followers will be able to use all of the extra effects as well!
Where to Find: A reaver named Rayna is wielding it inside of Kagrumez, located in Solstheim (see images)

IMPORTANT!! ---> The spell effects for the Dwemer Lightning Fork will not work properly if you add the item to your character via console commands, etc. You must go to the location and loot it. :)

Or you can type "coc DLC2Kagrumez01" in the console, to teleport yourself to the location.. Then just continue straight, you'll find her.

Venomspite - A chitin greatsword with an enchantment that causes a deadly poison to secrete from the blade. The poison breaks down your enemy's resistance, and deals poison damage over 30 seconds.

- 22 base damage. On par with ebony
- Unique Venom Enchantment that does 4 Poison damage per second for 18 seconds, and it stacks up to 5 times.
 Where to Find: You can find this weapon within Coldcinder Cave Chasm, a new addition to the original location, Coldcinder Cave. Be careful, the sword has a powerful guardian! See images for map location. 
You can also craft an unenchanted version of a Chitin Greatsword, without the poison visuals on the blade. Requires the ebony smithing perk. 

Craftable Weapons

1. Chitin Bow

2. Chitin Bow - With Pearls

3. Chitin Greatsword

4. Chitin Sword

5. Chitin Dagger

The bow requires Elven smithing, and the rest is Ebony smithing.


NMM or manually, by extracting the data folder to your Skyrim directory.

Known bugs:

Dwemer Lightning Fork:
- If you're using the mod Frozen Electrocuted Combustion, the Lightning Fork may not work when you loot it from Rayna after she froze solid. So avoid freezing her.

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