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Sorting Mod designed to reduce scrolling through menus and make uniques stand out. Now with Book Covers Skyrim and Lost Library standalone patches.

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Now with Book Covers Skyrim stand alone Patch !  Get the incredible BCS "must have" Mod here: 
Book Covers Skyrim  I've also added one for Lost Library which puts the Skillbook prefixes in place.

*I am willing to do other patches. Please make requests for them in the comments section.*

See message forum stickies and change logs for updates and notices. 

Highly recommend using Categorized Favorites and SKYUI 2.2 or QD inventory until an updated SKYUI comes out. 

Converted from TES5Edit by ESP/ESM converter Tweaked and finalized with TES5SE Edit.

There were so many good sorting mods by the time I started modding Skyrim. The thing was, I always liked a little bit of this one, a little bit of that one. I never really found one that suited my tastes completely. So I made my own from scratch using some of those ideas from the various talented authors.

I didn't post it on the original Skyrim nexus. As if another sorting mod was needed to go with the 100 others ! 

It's designed to make Uniques stand out. Quest items be readily available. Magic spells/ scrolls/ potions to make sense. Items that have to be placed in chests or boxes at the top of your list. Etc.

In short, it's designed to save you from a bunch of scrolling when you carry a bunch of schtako around like I do. Vaermina's Torpor being a prime example.

I am open to any and all suggestions to improve on this mod.  Feel free to add, tweak, copy, and/or modify to your own preference. 

****** The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch is REQUIRED for this mod****** ALL sorting edits favor the Patch.

Updates will come as I find more to be added or tweaked, or if the USSEP is updated and reflects a change.