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This mod adds a Unicorn mount that can be summoned from Hircine's Hunting Grounds.

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"The Hunter comes here from the Hunting Grounds to hunt new prey, or he brings prey native to the Hunting Grounds, like the Unicorn, to hunt in new forests."
Aspects of Lord Hircine
by Juno Procillus, Oral Traditions of the Reachmen No.5

This mod brings the Unicorn, seen in TES4: Oblivion, into Skyrim as a summonable mount.
The Unicorn is a peaceful daedric creature native to Hircine's Hunting Grounds, though it is sometimes found in Tamriel. All Unicorns are wild and untamed, so it wears no saddle and its mane is unkempt. However, like any other conjured beast it is bound to its summoner's will, making it a devout steed.

-Unique model and texture
-Greater agility and endurance than other horses, with rapid health regeneration
-Peaceful nature - flees from combat
-Summonable with spell tome hidden in Bloated Man's Grotto

I created this Unicorn for my upcoming quest mod, The Hunting Grounds: Echoes of the Bloodmoon Prophecy. That project is still early in development, so I'm releasing this as a standalone mount.
If you are an exterior or interior level designer and interested in creating content for the Hunting Grounds project, please contact me!

Install: Use a mod manager or install manually, then enable the plugin. 
Requirements: None.
Uninstall is perfectly safe.
Compatiblity: No compatibility issues are known, and none are expected. No vanilla records are altered. Some objects have been added to Bloated Man's Grotto, but they are very unlikely to conflict with anything.

Where is the Spell Tome / How do I get the spell?
It is in Bloated Man's Grotto, but it is well-hidden. It should be a fun hunt to find it.
If you want a hint: 

Note that the spell does NOT work inside Bloated Man's Grotto, since you can't bring horses there.

Swift Steeds New Light Breed Horses Replacer by Fierymarigold for the base mesh (modified for this mod) and skeleton
Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds - 2k by KrittaKitty for the base texture (modified for this mod)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt Red for the horn model

Also available on Legendary Edition