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This mod is a greatsword animation pack. It includes animations for idle, blocking, running, walking and all regular attacks (no power attacks yet). The animations are inspired by HEMA longsword fencing, Dark Souls 3 greatsword animations, and For Honor Warden animations.

Permissions and credits


I've never been a fan of the vanilla greatsword animations. The stance looks silly, the block doesn't actually cover much of the body, the sword swings are too wild and during movement your character faces away from the enemy. So I decided to make an animation pack to bring it more in line with how I think a sword should be handled. Watch this video if you want a quick overview, and read on if you want to know my logic and inspirations. The mod is still a work in progress, and feedback is appreciated to help me with future updates.

Endorse if you enjoy!


I changed the second swing for all the attacks. It's now a more controlled uppercut. It no longer looks like the wild swing in the video. Added the changes to Plough full and Roof full.

1. There are 6 different versions of this mod in the files. The 2 main versions have all the animations, the only difference being the idle and turning animations. The optional versions have parts of the animations. If you only want some of the animations, download one of the main versions and delete the animations you don't like. The walk left and right animations loop differently in the plough walk and plough walk + attack versions. Pick the one that doesn't act weird with whatever running animation you are using.

2. Please use a mod manager to install the mod. There are way too many files in this mod. If you want to install manually, make a backup of your animations files. I highly recommend using Mod Organizer 2.

Recommended Mods
1. FNIS PCEA2: Use this mod if you want only your character to have the animations. I always use this. It is also useful for trying out different animation combinations.

2. Realistic Two-Handed Speed: Increases speed of Two-Handed Weapons by 25%. The animations look better with this mod.

3. Dodge Mod SE: A dodge mod for evading attacks.

4. Mortal Enemies: This mod locks characters in place during attack animations, making them easier to dodge.

5. Smilodon: A lightweight combat overhaul that makes combat more lethal and tactical.

6. Immersive Movement Speed: Tweaks the movement speeds. Running is slower, walking is faster. Moving backwards is faster. Feels better with this animation set.

7. SPERG: My personal favorite perk mod. Don't use this and realistic two-handed speed at the same time.


Plough (Low guard)


This is a defensive HEMA longsword stance. The default idle, block and walking animations use this stance. The blocking animation is a variation of this. If you start an attack, you will move into a roof stance before executing it.

Roof (High guard)



This is an offensive HEMA longsword stance. The default running animations use this stance. All regular attacks start from this stance. The alternate idle animation also uses this stance. This idle is more similar to the Dark Souls locked on greatsword animation than the HEMA roof stance.

Moving and Attacking


The movement is heavily inspired by Dark Souls locked on movement. While moving your character will always face the enemy. The transitions, especially the running transitions, are very smooth compared to vanilla.



The sword swings take inspiration from For Honor's Warden. The first swing starts at the shoulder and ends at the hip, while the second swing starts at the hip and ends with the sword held in a stance similar to Ox.

Permissions and customization

You are allowed to take whatever animations you want and combine them with your other animation sets. However, if you want to upload you need to ask for my permission.


1/21/2018: Version 0.1: First Release.
1/27/2018: Version 0.1a:
  1. Minor change to Roof idle. The sword is held less upright.
  2. Added experimental attack 2 animation for testing. This changes the second attack while standing to a more controlled uppercut.
1/31/2018: Version 0.2:
  1. Changed the second swing for all the attacks. It's now a more controlled uppercut.
  2. Added the changes to Plough full and Roof full.
Future Plans

1. Power attacks and sprint animations.
2. More customized animations for moving attacks.
3. First Person animations.
4. Animations for other weapon types.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!