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Remove the Yellow / orange tint Vampire eyes.

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I never personally liked Vampire eyes having that Yellow / orange tint to it, so I removed it from the following:
- Skyrim Base
- Dawnguard
- Unique Vampire Dens SSE
- Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE
- Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (base mod)
- Immersive Wenches
- Immersive Wenches -KS hairs- Patch_SE (KS hairs 1.61f)
- Immersive Wenches -SG hairs- Patch_SE
- Immersive Wenches -Apachii hairs- Patch_SE

If you find some that are missing from those or Skyrim DLCs, let me know!

There's an All in one (AIO) that is available for the 4 versions of Immersive Wenches (base, KS Hairdo, SG Hairs, Apachii hairs) + Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE + Unique Vampire Dens SSE + Skyrim + Dawnguard.

I have also made individual patches if you don't want the AIO or only want the data for the mods you using.

Since this has no ESP and only meshes, this will not count toward your max plugins.

- If it clash with something, make it overwrite it / load after

For Coldsun vision / Pandorable NPCs however, they already fixed the eyes, I load Vamp fix BEFORE so it lose against it.

Should not have issue with eyes replacer mods (changing the textures). If an NPC replacer has issue it has to be addressed in the face gen parts as instructed in comments using Nifskope.

In screenshots, my eyes are The Eyes Of Beauty - Vampire Eyes SSE