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  1. skreeeboy
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    A clever mod, and a good idea, but I eventually uninstalled it for two reasons. The first being that though it says it's compatible with all follower mods, I found that it didn't play well with Amazing Follower Tweaks in my case. It just seemed that the commands for the two mods caused conflicts where you'd ask a follower to follow you, and he/she wouldn't, or you'd want to dismiss them but have them stay in that area (an AFT option) they would return back to the guild marker instead. There were too many things like this happening to make it worthwhile. And my second reason is that it felt like far too much of a cheat. You'd ask a follower to go get you soul gems for example, and they'd disappear (literally, fade out of view, not walk out of the room or leave the building to do their assigned job) and then not more than perhaps 30 seconds later, they would have returned with some soul gems (and however far you asked them to travel to get the gems did not factor in how long they were gone). I know there is an option to make their excursion be for 48 in-game hours, and I had ticked this box in the MCM, but it never seemed to work. And they'd only ask for 100 gold to go do their job. It seems like it would be good to be able to modify the options so that a job in the same hold as your marker might take a day or two, but if the job is in a far flung part of skyrim, maybe it could even take up to a week depending on the distance. Anyways, in less than 5 real-time minutes, I had about 35 filled soul gems and as many unfilled ones, and I was only down about 1000 gold. I know there is a spectrum of difficulty and ease between earning what you get and blatant cheating, and everyone has to find a balance where they have the most fun playing, but this felt as close as I could get to just opening up the console and just adding whatever items I wanted into my inventory without actually using console commands. Anyways, it wasn't for me, but it might suit others perfectly.
  2. Mikaeo
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    This mod broke the marriage cutscene that is supposed to happen in riften temple of Mara when you get married, thus making marriage impossible. I only know this cuz disabling this mod let's the cutscene happen and the quest progress.
  3. Koreshx
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    My "HQ maker" disappeared, does anyone have the code to make it come back?
  4. LilPaco
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    Does anyone know if this will this break followers like Inigo and Sofia if I make them part of the guild and send them off on quests or will they be fine?
    1. FireChicken2396
      • member
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      I wouldn't attempt to mess with the AI of followers that use a custom script, i would avoid recruiting them
  5. Demidevimon
    • member
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    OMG yes thank you this was the ONE mod i missed from LE!!!
  6. mapelas
    • member
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    Any way to stop npc's from getting naked after jobs?
  7. FireStar999
    • member
    • 900 posts
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    Well this mod became a must have for me indeed, I haven't come across any game breaking bugs, just minor annoyances like members not always being at HQ but it gets fixed by waiting for 1 hour inside, the perks are awesome and give a feeling of progression and that's good

    However, I wish to know if there's a way to manually remove a guild member without talking to him because I think one just got bugged out, I asked a mercenary to join and she said yes, but never made it to HQ, my guess is the game marked her for delete because it was after a radiant quest, so now she's nowhere to be found, and shes occupying a slot in my guild lol
  8. TheCasualRanger
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    I’ve lost the guild placer thing to start the guild, how do I get it back ?
  9. Cr0wther
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    Downloaded the mod and my game wont even open with it
    1. MacBran
      • member
      • 615 posts
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      Your game don't load when starting Skyrim (you don't even get the main menu), or when loading a save game ?
      The former is often a sign of missing required mods.
      This mod require SkyUI an SKSE64 (as it's written in the Requirements section of the description page). Do you have install them ?
  10. Anthony905
    • member
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    I have a question

    If I set up my base in a bandit lair, will bandits still spawn there?
    1. TedKuruk
      • member
      • 219 posts
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      In my experience, yes, things respawn, but the guild will fight them off! Pretty cool, I think.
    2. Arsenii
      • member
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      In Broken Oar Grotto, bandits don't respawn there.
    3. gungho95
      • member
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      That’s actually not a bad idea, let them respawn . It’s like a bandit raid on your base to defend against. Plus you can sell their junk lol