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Mark and Track Anything!

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If you have ever lost track of your horse, a follower, or even a favorite place or item, Map Markers is for you!
Just point at any living being, object, or location by using the default hotkey +/=  and it will appear as an objective in the Map Markers quest (make sure you turn on the quest).

Use the MCM menu to hide/unhide/remove your markers.

Jaxonz is no longer modding for Skyrim and and has allowed taking over of her work. And since I find porting weirdly fun + this is an AWESOME mod + SKSE 64-bit is finally available (albeit in alpha) = I thought I would port it for Skyrim Special Edition (Windows).

I'll be honest, I will not be able to support it -- I know, I'm lame but it's a limitation because I only port and don't know how to code or write scripts.
So far I have tested all it's functions with the current versions of: Skyrim Special Edition (Windows), SKSE 64-bit (2.0.6 ALPHA) and SkyUI 5.2 for SE installed -- and it appears to work for me.
I was able to mark people...and Frost with no problem using the default hotkey +/=.

An Xbox One or a PS4 version will not work because of the SKSE requirement -- unless the creators of SKSE find a way to seed SKSE into those platforms. Fingers crossed.

Original mod with description here

All credit goes to the originator, the creator, the master, the mother -- Jaxonz.
I only ported it via Creation Kit 64.

Some known bugs and tips:
* Upon opening a game save sometimes the markers will not appear over things BUT will appear on the map and the MCM settings will work. Sometimes a quicksave or a save and a reload will fix it, or a quit to desktop and a reload.
* I've read that Skyrim might not like having too many quest markers turned on, try turning some off if JMM is not showing any markers on your selections.
* If you're having some issues, try uninstalling the mod -- obviously this will reset all your markers, open Skyrim and continue from a game save then save game. Quit to desktop, reinstall the mod and reopen Skyrim, and see if the mod works by walking up close to someone (to where you see their name) and press the + key (which is the default hotkey). At this point, the quest should begin. You will need to go to your quest journal and activate the quest. It should work at this point.