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Mark and Track Anything

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Track Anything!
Jaxonz Map Markers allows you to tag anything as a tracked quest objective!

If you have ever lost track of your horse, a follower, or even a favorite place or item, Map Markers is for you. Just use the Mark spells to mark any living being, object, or location and it will appear as an objective in the Map Markers quest. Use the MCM menu to hide/unhide/remove your markers.

This mod was created following an excellent suggestion by PlagueHush.


  • Creates markers for anything, including actors, objects, and places.
  • SkyUI MCM menu allows easy management of markers, even those out of reach.
  • Markers persist correctly across save game.
  • Markers appear correctly on global and local maps, and in the HUD compass.
  • Easily mark followers, NPCs and objects from DLC and third party mods.

BETA Release Limitations

  • Marker names on maps and in the quest objectives list show the base name rather than the actual displayed name. As a result, if you have a horse that is renamed, it will simply appear as "Horse"; Location Markers will all show "Location Marker" rather than the custom name you entered.
  • There are a limit of 20 markers that can be placed.



  • Compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • No known conflicts with any other mods. Any load order works.
  • Can be cleanly removed at any time.

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All Jaxonz mods are professionally coded for stability and high quality.