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You shall pass now. (Aka allows you to open doors with fus roh dah)

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Ported By Aleksi134, permission from original authors page.

Now you can open doors with your ever powerful thu'um. :)

Here is a video of where the idea came from:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this mod do?
A: First, watch the video. Second, Unrelenting Force can force doors open, even locked ones.

Q: Will this open doors that need a key?
A: No.

Q: Isn't this feature terribly imbalanced?
A: No, since lockpicking is easy it really doesn't matter. The concept makes sense, and older games let you bash locks open with weapons or use magic to unlock stuff.

Q: Why won't it work on chests?
A: I think it does . . .

Q: Are there any incompatibilities?
A: No, your shout will work on any door.

Q: How do I install?
A: Use a mod manager, or extract the contents into your "Data" folder.

Q: How do I uninstall?
A:Go into the console and type in both commands:
------------- stopquest FRDUpdateAliases
------------- stopquest FRDDoorAliases
And uninstall by mod manager

Or B:If you decide to install manually delete the .esp and scripts.

Q: Help, none of the doors are opening!
A: Relax, just wait a few seconds for the scripts to update. If the door has open bars, then maybe you should think about where you're aiming.

Q: Why won't the Expert and Master doors open?
A: They will eventually, if you keep hounding at them. Get a couple servings of Talos Blessing and you can shout more.

Q: Why do the doors sometimes open TOWARDS me when I shout? This isn't immerisve nor realistic!
A: Doors only open one way. It would be cool to have the force of the shout blow the door off its hinges, the wood splintering into a million pieces that'll impale the foolish vampire standing in your way, but it requires a ton of effort: working around the game engine instead of working with it. This mod works with it just fine.

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