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Gives shouts echo and thunder in the background, kinda like draugr shouts. Includes DLC shouts.

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The mod changes shout audio for both male and female in the following ways:

-All shouts have pitch lowered by 10%,with few exceptions for orcs and female argonians
-Second and third word of power have echo, most of them have thunder in the background aswell


Use either Vortex/M02/NMM to install or just place the files provided in the data folder And let it overwrite if needed. Only download one of the files.

I have included two files, one with 10% lowered pitch and one version with normal pitch.
The ESPs are marked as ESL so they dont take load order slot

Works with everything except mods that also affect the same audio files.
Thunderchild compatible aswell

Currently conflicts:
Dragonborn Shouts Revoiced