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Allows you to be a nice person! Make donations to the orphanage, give clothes to the poor, use Sigil Stones instead of Soul gems to enchant your gear, and give farmers the things you recolted!

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This simple mod allows you to celebrate Saturalia by bringing some joy to the people of Skyrim! You can now do the following:

  • Tell your dog he/she's a good dog
  • Give some warm clothes or a bigger amount of money to beggars
  • Work for free for farmers! Give them the potatoes you just recolted in their farm!
  • Make donations to Riften's orphanage!
  • An alternate way to enchant your gear: you can now use Sigil stones, sold by the people who sell Soul gems! No more need to use souls of slain creatures!

What do you gain in exchange? Nothing, except a small chance to increase your relationship with the NPC you were good with! This mod is good for people who want to roleplay a Charitable Hero.

Just select the appropriate dialogue options and there we go!