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This mod is a re-working of InsanitySorrow's The Huntsman for SE.It is no longer dependent on SKSE and involves many changes to it's implementation including new wood finishes, new crafting system, and re-worked leveling and stats.

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The Huntsman
By InsanitySorrow
Re-worked for SE by Ruddy88

This mod is a re-worked port of InsanitySorrow's popular mod, The Huntsman.
The Huntsman is a unique bow that has the ability to be upgraded, adding new additions to the bow as well as boosting it's stats.
The original mod used SKSE functions, I have ported this mod to SE with many changes, it functions a little differently, but no longer requires SKSE.

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The Huntsman by InsanitySorrow
Please refer to the original mod's description page, but be aware that many changes have been made for this to work in Special Edition WITHOUT the need for SKSE.
I have managed to implement new ways for the upgrade system to work, which I will detail below, however it HAS lost the ability to level with the player.
To offset against this, I have re-worked the base statistics of each upgrade so that the bow can still be used from the very start of the game and still be useful towards the end game.
The final upgrade for the bow has slightly lower damage than a Daedric bow, but has a faster fire rate and less weight.

I may look at releasing an oponaal version with no scope depending on how much time I have.

Skyrim Special Edition (Including Hearthfire)

* The bow no longer levels with the player, base stats have been modified to offset against this.
* Upgrade components are now crafted through the MISC section, Actual upgrades are applied through the STEEL section at a forge. Upgrade kits require a certain Archery skill before they show up, I will detail these below.
* Camo paints are no longer included in the mod. Instead, I have made new wooden finish textures, these are applied when you first create a bow and cannot be changed. If you want a bow with a different finish you will need to craft a new one from scratch.
* Added descriptions to each bow, these briefly explain what changes were made.
* Scaled down the bows a bit as I found them too big, have also fixed the sights to line up better.
* Made minor tweaks to the textures, The environment mapping on the original looked great on metal but impacted the wooden areas too much so i have reduced their overall effect.
* Removed all scripts and cell edits, to push the focus back towards crafting and ensure greater compatibility.

This mod will now be compatible with everything except perhaps SkyRe and Requiem, in fact even then it should be compatible but may just not work as intended due to those mods changing how archery works in general.

The Huntsman is now completely craftable and no longer found in the worldspace.
To begin, you will first need to go to a forge under the MISC section and choose a "Huntsman Finish - t". This will determine what type of wood your bow will be made out of (this is purely cosmetic).
The bows themselves are crafted under the "STEEL" section, but will not show up unless you have a wood kit in you inventory or a bow that is ready to be upgraded.
The first bow is simply called "The Huntsman".

As you level up your Archery rank, you will eventually find upgrades becoming available under the MISC section at the forge, simply called "Huntsman Upgrade - ".
You can can craft these, then return to the STEEL section. Upgrading a bow requires you to have the necessary Upgrade + a bow.
As an example, to obtain "The Huntsman IV" bow, you would need a Huntsman III bow in your inventory along with the Huntsman Upgrade III.

At any point, an upgraded bow can be downgraded to a previous level, this does not cost any materials but you WILL lose the upgrade component, This means if you want to then upgrade it again you will need to craft a new Upgrade from the MISC section at the forge.

There are no actual bugs in this that I have found (please report any if you do so I can address them).
There are, however, limitations carried over from the original mod. 

* All variations of the bow can be tempered, however, if you upgrade the bow you WILL LOSE the tempering. The reason being is that the game is physically removing the previous bow and replacing it with a new one (using a different mesh and different weapon record).

* Upgrades MUST be applied in order (as in you dont even have a choice). You can NOT pick and choose which upgrades to apply. Again, this is a limitation of the game mechanics. Making it so that upgrades can be picked at will would require seperate meshes for EVERY combination of upgrades, along with weapon records and crafting recipes... it aint gonna happen.

* For the same reason above, wood finishes must be applied on the first level of a bow. If you create a Huntsman bow with a Dark Wood finish, you can't change it to Red Wood later on. If you wanted a Red Wood you would have to craft a new level 1 Huntsman (remember to first craft the required Wood Finish kit).

* The bow string doesnt stretch properly. To my knowledge, this was happening on the original mod as well and is not within my expertise to fix it. Only noticeable in 3rd person but not a big deal in any case.

The original assets in this mod were made by InsanitySorrow and thus belong to him.
I have included my own textures, however these are just modifications to InsanitySorrow's original work.
Permissions for any of my work will reflect whatever the current permissions are of the original mod.
All I ask is credit for any of my work that is used.
Please view permission's of the original The Huntsman mod by InsanitySorrow

On the original mod by InsanitySorrow, he has listed the following under the permissions tab:
Conversion permission: You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances

However, he has also listed on the main descriptiong page:
You may use this as you wish as long as you don't charge money for it and you credit me for any work used.

I have clarified with SirSalami (Nexus administration) on whether this was OK to port and modify and his determination was that it is fine to continue.
That said, If InsanitySorrow ever wishes me to remove this then I will abide by his wishes.

I will NOT allow this mod to be re-uploaded to for any platform as per InsanitySorrows original permissions:

Upload permission: You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances