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Vampiric Thirst Redone is intended to serve as an update to the Vampiric Thirst mod so you can play and enjoy it on the Skyrim Special Edition.

Permissions and credits

Welcome to Vampiric Thirst Redone
First of all this is the official port of Vampiric Thirst Redone and is intended to serve as an update to the Vampiric Thirst mod so you can play and enjoy it on the Skyrim Special Edition, additional details are on the Vampiric Thirst mod page.

You see the original mod has not been ported and with the absence of the original mod author it likely never will be but that is why I am here, you see VTR SSE is intended to serve as an update for the Vampiric Thirst mod given the mod author has left the building so to speak, some scripts present in Vampiric Thirst have been updated for the SSE CC update, there are also some other fixes to errors that were present in Vampiric Thirst which have been remedied in Vampiric Thirst Redone.

1. Download  Vampiric Thirst - Dawnguard Edition
2. Open and Save Vampiric Thirst in the CK64 for Skyrim Special Edition 
3. Extract the Oldrim BSA into Loose files (Oldrim BSA's do not work in SSE)

4. Download Vampiric Thirst Redone and Install it/load it after Vampiric Thirst
5. Play the Damn Thing Already... You can thank me later!!

What has been changed from Vampiric Thirst exactly?

- Updated the PlayerVampireQuestScript for the SSE CC initial update -
- Sanguine Nexus FX is now removed from the player properly after casting and reloading game -
- Corpse Marionette outside Vampire Lord form is now cast via the hand for consistency with VL version - 
- Fount of Power now uses a Blue Hand Casting Art as it is more suitable given the colors of the spell -
- Shambling Hordes gives those reanimated by it a red shader as it is more suitable - 
- "Blood Shroud" has had a Red Hand Casting Art added as it did not have one previously -
- "Bats" and "Conjure Gargoyle" will no longer be absorbed if you have high spell absorption-
- Several Spelling Errors present within the mod messages have been fixed -
- Removed the annoying "Prefix" from all the vampire abilities to be more consistent with other spells-

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Where are the perks from the "Oldrim" version?
A. VTR SSE is more of third party patch for Vampiric Thirst so it works on the SSE and is very different from the oldrim mod, If i were you I would just be thankful you can play it on the SSE now.

Q. Why do you have so many vampire mods?
A. Vampire's are awesome, I have my own Vampire mod which personally at the current time I prefer VT to it, I also have a Lich mod, am working on a second Lich mod, I have an enemy AI mod and several other non-vampire based mods thank you very much.

Q. Does this work with Curse of the Vampire, VanTal, Sanguinare Vampiris, Better Vampires or Sacrosanct?
A. No, No, No, No and No, I do wish it worked with Curse of the Vampire (Which you should most certainly check out) that way I wouldn't have to choose between my own creation and one of the greatest vampire mods of all time.

Q. Can you port this to console?
A. That is impossible, Vampiric Thirst would need to be officially ported by Miss Leeches AKA the original mod author, my position as far as permissions go on porting the original mod in it's entirely are unknown to me so therefor it cannot be done.

Q. Aghhh my Game crashed RAGE QUIT, Im going to tell mommy!!!
A. You do that..Hehehe, seriously though this mod most likely didn't cause it, the edits you may see in SSE Edit are "mostly" intended I assure you, have no fear I am fully aware of them.

Requirements of the modification...
- Vampiric Thirst Dawnguard Edition -
- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch -
- SKSE 64 -
- Sky UI -

And do make sure to endorse Vampiric Thirst back on the Oldrim, In my personal opinion it is the best vampire overhaul that there is, I have my own vampirism overhaul so that is saying something.

(Also users report running FNIS will break the animations of VT so do not do it even though the orignal mod tells you to, with the alteration to the Corpse Marrionette spell you wont even need FNIS for VT anyway)

NOTE: Screenshots are from the oldrim version of VTR and do not reflect the current mod that you see before you.