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Vampirism in a large part rewritten from scratch to provide a fresh and different experience that aims to challenge your expectations while trying to stay true to the lore of the world and Bethesda's intended atmosphere. Now also not only compatible but fully integrated with Dawnguard!

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NO LONGER ACTIVE. I am no longer developing or maintaining Vampiric Thirst.
Read this article for explanation and eulogy

Vampirism in a large part rewritten from scratch to provide a fresh and different experience that aims to challenge your expectations while trying to stay true to the lore of the world and Bethesda's intended atmosphere. Now also not only compatible but fully integrated with Dawnguard!

So what does it mean?

Other than Vampire Lord improvements, inclusion of new assets and compatibility with the expansion's quests integration with Dawnguard also means that "Vampiric Thirst" has shifted its focus the same way that the expansion changed the role of vampires in Skyrim. Before they used to be just an afterthought without any significant place in the world, any defined role to play or even a noticeable impact on gameplay. In one word: vanilla vampires sucked.

And I went along with it! That idea was great! I saw it as a sign that vampirism was intended to be a brutal, difficult struggle for survival fraught with insatiable bloodlust. I liked how it sounded but the issue was that Bethesda's implementation of the idea just wasn't fun to play! So that's what the mod aimed to change: it aimed to improve the gameplay while preserving the gritty, desperate, isolated feeling.

But now since Dawnguard was released that is no longer the case. Vampires no longer skulk in the shadows out of fear of their prey or even daylight itself and instead take the fight to them! They are no longer just content to survive but they want to thrive and dominate! And even the player gets a taste of this power: she or he is no longer a lone mongrel in a hostile world but a descendant of a royal bloodline favoured by Molag Bal. Not a "fledgling" always struggling to live another night but a "lord" waiting for a chance to rule if only she is ruthless and ambitious enough not to stop at the taste of power but to drain it to the last drop!

And this is also what this edition of "Vampiric Thirst" is about. Power is within your reach: how much do you desire it? How far will it drive you?

Please READ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS! Especially if you're updating to 2.6 from an earlier version!
I always only support the latest version, anything that came earlier should be considered obsolete!

Spanish by chofranc: Link (Version 2.61)
Russian by Stel3: Link (Version 2.23)
French by Narsilien80: Link (Version 2.61)

"Vampiric Thirst" is Skyrim vampirism rewritten from scratch. It strives to preserve the feeling that Bethesda originally intended but functions in a completely different way. Those of you who are familiar with mods like "Vampiric Hunger" for Morrowind, "Unholy Darkness" for Oblivion or "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines" game will feel very much at home with the systems of deteriorating blood, ageing, progressive development of abilities and versatility of hunting methods but it also introduces some unique features of its own and makes those systems fit into Skyrim and utilises some solutions that weren't technically possible before.

Specifically mod offers the following:
- New hunger system based on blood instead of time with 6 stages that come with some penalties and perks. Keep well fed and you may even be able to walk in sunlight without the fear of death for some time but beware starvation for it can drive you insane!
- Sunlight damage that is dynamically calculated based on weather, time of day, state of hunger and even brightness! Yes that means you can actually use shadows to diminish sunlight damage now!
- Ageing that increases your innate advantages and potency of many vampiric powers with five attainable stages out of ten that are available to NPC vampires. It takes in all about 9 months of game time to mature from Fledgling to Bloodkin but this can be adjusted in the included configuration file!
- Vampiric experience and 29 perks and powers that can be unlocked as you advance! Some of them are vanilla abilities redone to be more interesting and others are brand new. Most of them get more powerful as you age. But remember: nothing for free! The only power you start with is "Vampire's Sight": the rest needs to be unlocked!
- Hunting and feeding systems that cater to different playstyles: stealthy, social, brutal and even magically inclined vampires all will find something for themselves. Fully animated!
- Qualities and flavours of blood that give you a reason to think about your "diet" and over time recognise and reward your taste and unique palette!
- Integrated with Dawnguard and mutually interactive with the Vampire Lord system. Unlock the potential of Harkon's bloodline and access its powerful blood magic and unique shapeshifting powers both in and out of it! You can also unlock normal powers to access them or variations of them in the Vampire Lord form.
- Support for NPCs who have access to some of the same capabilities as the player and in some cases even greater! And they will use every trick at their disposal if they feel threatened. Hunters should never underestimate their prey and vampires should always be wary of their undead rivals!

Official Requiem Compatibility Patch

This is the officially supported Requiem compatibility patch made by me! Features include: removing redundant Requiem features (like blood bottles appearing on NPC corpses), rebalancing VT abilities on NPC vampires, making vampirism more suitable for low level play by adding Requiem's health and stamina bonus to VT's age progression (the magnitude depends on age, starting at 100 and increasing slowly as player gets older) and decreasing the health damage of Sanguinare Vampiris so it doesn't instantly kill low level player anymore. The included MCM menu also includes an option to disable Dawnguard at the fort attacking vampire player so you can start the Dawnguard expansions's questline as a vampire.
You may notice lots of other Requiem vampirism features missing. I removed them on purpose either because adding them proved problematic, because VT makes them redundant or because I didn't like them.

The proper load order is Requiem, then Vampiric Thirst, then VT + Requiem patch.

Requiem 1.8.2 also fixed some incompatibility issues on its own end. If you haven't updated to it yet please do!

Most up to date video:

Videos of older versions:

If you are updating from an older version please use the "Update" function! It is accessible through Mod Configuration -> Vampiric Thirst -> Basic.

Also if updating to versions 2.6 and above please delete all files beginning with "mslVampiricThirst" in your "Data/Interface/Translations" folder!

8 April 2014: 2.61 version released.
+ Unherped, underped and fixed the corrupted ashpile mesh. That was embarrassing...

8 April 2014: 2.6 version released.
+ Huge optimisation and code improvements update! After looking back at all the coding atrocities I committed way long ago when I was first starting to work on this mod I went over some of the most game taxing pieces of code and rewrote them, improved their logic and did lots of other stuffs. I also attached the cleanup script used by Unofficial Patch to my custom ash piles which means they won't clutter your world (and savegame) forever. You should notice a 0.4779% increase in overall performance and 0.9976% reduced risk of save bloat!
+ Included a few mocap enhanced animations created especially for Vampiric Thirst by ShadeAnimator! <3 Only one of them is used for now (you can see it when casting Corpse Marionette) but maybe I'll find use for the rest of them in the future.
+ This means that FNIS is an optional requirement now. Nothing bad will happen if you don't use it (the animations will simply be skipped and an error will be printed in your papyrus log) but no custom animations will work without it!
+ MCM menu now includes a new option to adjust how ineffective magical health regeneration and healing spells (other than necromantic spells sold by the vendor in Castle Volkihar) are on vampires.
+ Small tweaks to a few powers and progression. Player's Vampiric Drain starts a little stronger, player's Necrotic Flesh now works like the NPC version (adds its bonus directly to player's fire and damage resistances) and Corpse Marionette is now a rite and has a unique and a little long casting animation.
+ NPC age stages and abilities have been redone again so the progression is a little more logical and varied.
+ Added default compatibility with Devious Devices. Gags from that mod should now properly prevent feeding.
+ A separate Requiem patch is now available!

If you are updating from an older version please use the "Update" function! It is accessible through Mod Configuration -> Vampiric Thirst -> Basic.

This mod is complete. There will be no more content updates or bugfixes.
There will be no SSE or console version.

  • Dawnguard and the latest version of Skyrim are absolutely essential! Without Dawnguard the mod will simply not work and just crash at startup.
  • Skyrim Script Extender MUST be installed! Many important functions of the mod depend on it and even more will be used as they become available.
  • SkyUI is needed for the MCM menu and debug functions. You wont be able to convert, update or uninstall the mod without it!
  • Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS is not a mandatory requirement (yet) but without it you won't be able to see any new animations!


These mods aren't required but I still recommend giving them a looksy!


And here is a list of compatibility patches, modifications and other additions to VT you might like to try:

I'm going to ignore bug reports from anyone who failed to follow these instructions!

Most bug reports I receive are because of either mod conflicts or wrongly done installation.
Please pay attention! Read everything twice if you need to! Don't end up sending one of those reports!

1. Before even unpacking the archive you must uninstall any other vampirism overhauls you may have and make a clean save. Especially if they affect the following vanilla scripts: "PlayerVampireQuestScript.pex" and "DLC1PlayerVampireChangeScript.pex"
If you see these scripts in your DataScrips folder REMOVE THEM! Even if they come from an old version of VT! Since version 2.5 all scripts are stored in the bsa archive.
(Also if you have the old edition of Vampiric Thirst it's important that you disable all your toggleable powers and wait out any blood quality bonuses or penalties. Do this BEFORE installing the new edition!)
2. Unpack the archive and drop the files found inside into your Skyrim "Data" folder
You should have these files in these directories:
(and all animation files that came with the folder)
3. Make sure to have the lastest version of Skyrim Script Extender ( SkyUI and Dawnguard installed!
4. Make sure to put "mslVampiricThirst.esp" near the end of your load order and check it active in whatever plugin manager you use or use BOSS to order it for you.
5. Run FNIS for users. Instructions on the mod page!
6. Run the game. And now:
a) If you just started a new game or have never been a vampire you do not need to do anything
b) If you are already a vanilla vampire you need to use MCM to convert. Simply wait for the menu to register and then enter it and on the right side of Basic options you will see "Convert" button. Click it and a message will tell you to exit the menu. Do it and wait for another message that says procedure is completed. Make sure you are NOT in the Vampire Lord form when you do that!
c) If you are updating from any version of Vampiric Thirst before 2.5 the procedure will be a little more complicated because many things have changed in the coding. Remember that you must disable all toggleable powers and lose any blood quality bonuses you have before installing the new version! After you do that remove all files that came with earlier versions of VT (especially "PlayerVampireQuestScript.pex" and "DLC1PlayerVampireChangeScript.pex" in your DataScripts folder) you can install the new version and once in game enter MCM for Vampiric Thirst, go to Basic options and choose "Update" from the list on the right.

Uninstalling Vampiric Thirst II is very easy. You just need to:

1. Enter Vampiric Thirst MCM and go to Basic and then choose "Uninstall" from the list on the right. In addition to uninstalling the mod this will also cure your character of vampirism. Sadly that's needed to wipe out all traces of VT2 from your save game.
2. When the process is finished a message will appear. After this save your game (best in a new slot!)
3. Quit the game and remove all files related to VT2. These are:
(Plus whatever file corresponds to your game's language!)

Many things such as hot keys, sun damage, ageing speed and so on can be adjusted to your liking using MCM. Mouse over the options to see what they do.

Vampire abilities:

Vampirism gives many benefits and advantages over common mortals but also crippling weaknesses that make it as much a blessing as a curse. If you like vampires to be invincible godlings with nothing to fear and nothing they can't do you will be very disappointed with this mod! Actually! Consider it a "hardcore mode" for vampires ^^
As undead creatures vampires:
- Are immune to poison and disease
- Grow more resistant to cold as they age
- Can breathe underwater (or actually don't need to breathe at all)
- Move a lot faster than mortals
- Do not tire easily (increased stamina regeneration)
- Gain special affinity with stealth and Illusion magic
But those blessings are offset by:
- A deadly weakness to sunlight and fire (150% at first but it's possible to diminish it with the right diet and powers)
- No natural health regeneration
- Halved effectiveness of healing spells used on them
- Vulnerability to silver
- Being affected by all spells designed to harm the walking dead

Vampiric powers:

As seen above vampires are not very impressive just like that but that is not really their greatest strength. Raw ability is what werewolves are all about. For vampires I wanted something different and more interesting. And so I put the fun not in what they are but what they can do: powers. It's a broad collection of unique abilities based on TES lore, a tinge of "Vampire the Masquerade" and maybe a little little bit of "Bloodrayne" plus my own ideas. They range from the ability to control mortal minds to brief surges of astonishing strength to powerful and strange magics drawn from blood. Using them makes you hungrier but the things they can do are well worth the cost. They are divided into toggleable (you can switch them on and off and they drain your blood continuously) instant (that drain blood when they're activated and usually have an immediate effect) and rites (blood rituals that have a slightly long casting time and need blood to activate as well as for whatever they do but they also belong to the most powerful powers available) as well as basic (mostly redressed vanilla powers that need to be unlocked before advanced are available), advanced (more sophisticated or specialised uses of the powers) and combined (that blend two or more types of powers together, only a few are available right now but I'm planning to add more in the future!)

Oh! But there's a catch for those used to vanilla vampirism: the only power initially available to you is "Vampire's Sight"! The rest needs to be unlocked! Even the Vampire Lord form will not have access to its drain and raise spells until they are unlocked through the "Vampire Abilities" lesser power.

A general overview of the available power categories:
- Mesmerism: the powers of Mesmerism are about mind control and domination. It is the piercing gaze of a Cyrodiilic vampire, an irresistible compulsion carried by the quiet whispers of a subtle seductress and one of the most widespread powers among the vampire bloodlines of Tamriel. At first your control is only brief and limited but as you become more adept at using these powers you can force mortals to fulfil your every desire.
- Deception: the powers of Deception are the epitome of subtlety. They are only of use to the patient, careful and tactically minded vampires who prefer to take their prey by deceit, charm or surprise than by force. The repertoire of these powers includes such things as becoming invisible or more attuned to shadows.
- Senses: all vampires can see in the dark and all can smell blood and discern its different flavours but those senses can certainly be honed to an even sharper point and those who do so become the apex predators even amongst their own kind.
- Potence: the powers of Potence serve to push the vampire's body to the limit and far beyond it. They allow to strike harder, jump higher, sprint longer and become nearly tireless for some time.
- Reflexes: agility, speed and reaction time can be honed by these powers and turned into a deadly weapon. A vampire who can see danger before it comes and get out of its way in the blink of an eye has an edge that can hardly be matched.
- Fortitude: Fortitude deals with vitality and resistance. By controlling blood in its body a vampire can strengthen the flesh and even bring it to a semblance of life that can return functionality to its dead organs. Many vampires find the ability to regenerate their body at will (as long as it's not on fire) or steel it against harm in the first place invaluable.
- Blood Magic: vampires can use magic that uses their blood as conduit for amazing power or even to manipulate blood itself. It is a versatile art that no bloodline of vampires has ever mastered fully but the Volkihar of Skyrim seem to have a special affinity for it. It can accomplish things as simple as stealing life from enemies without needing to drink their blood to as powerful as denying victims control of their bodies or even as unusual as creating hordes of fearsome gargoyles from just magicka infused blood.
- Mortuus Sanguine: a blend of Blood Magic and conventional necromancy, these powers allow vampires to raise dead bodies to serve them by splashing them with blood or put whole armies of undead under their command by desecrating the ground on which they rest.
- Night Powers: although not as known for it as the vampires of Valenwood some of the purest blooded vampires native to Skyrim seem to have a talent for bizarre transformations of their body as well as commanding lesser creatures of the night, particularly bats. Night powers allow those vampires to briefly turn into swarms of bats or summon them to their aid, dissolve into mist and possibly do many other even stranger things.


Many ways of acquiring blood are possible for characters with different talents and sensibilities. The "v" key is used by default to initiate most of the new feeding interactions.
- You can invade your prey's homes and feed on them in their sleep
- You can use your natural charms to get into their good graces and personal space
- You can also use your Mesmerism powers to make your victims more compliant
- You can use the "Vampiric Drain" and "Sanguine Nexus" spells of Blood Magic to kill your foes and claim their lifeforce
- You can sneak upon them and use the "v" key to drain them dry before anyone can notice
- You can tear their throats open in the heat of combat using the "v" key
- You can feed without fear of retaliation on those you have paralysed with poison or magic using the "v" key
- And if you can restrain them the "v" key will also allow you to drain them safely
- Or if you do not wish to feed immediately you can store your victims' blood for later if you have empty bottles available!

Be careful with your feeding though! Your victims need a long time to recover from blood loss and it can kill them. Additionally wounds from vampire bites cannot be healed with magic! That makes feeding on your followers generally a very bad idea but if having some expendable bag of warm blood following your around can still help you in times of need or out in the wilderness...

Blood and hunger:

Hunger in "Vampiric Thirst" is no longer based just on time passed but it actually keeps track of the blood you drink and spend to power your unholy abilities. You do not need blood to survive: a vampire can live indefinitely with blood in their system or not but the hunger is not something you can just ignore. If you do it will turn you into a mindless beast able to think only of its thirst and willing to do anything for a small droplet of blood. Various effects accompany the six stages of hunger you can enjoy or suffer. Being fully fed (above 90% of your maximum blood pool) will make you immune to sunlight while letting yourself go hungry will inflict many detrimental conditions such as diminishing your magicka regeneration and sociability, inability to use your powers, increased sun damage as well as certain mixed blessings like sharpening your senses, increasing your chance of successfully draining foes in combat at the cost of making it harder to seduce them, making animals fear you and so on...

Blood also comes with different flavours and qualities! At first your taste will not be refined enough to benefit or suffer from most of them but as you sample different specimens and find your favourites their blood will become more nourishing to you and you may even gain special bonuses from your favoured flavours if you cultivate your pets well! Every vampire develops and refines her unique taste over time.

Blood always deteriorates naturally over time and using your vampiric abilities can make your tummy growl a lot sooner. But while you are sleeping it can slow down the rate at which you get hungry. Vampires can go on without sleep forever but most prefer to sleep during daytime to conserve their strength.

Use the "B" key to track how well fed you currently are. Avoid maintaining toggleable powers you don't currently need and feed often. As you age you become better at controlling your thirst but you also need more blood to fully nourish you.

Ageing and experience:

Vampires begin their new life hungry, confused and weak. The first week is a nightmare that very few of them manage to survive. They are slaves to never ending hunger that reminds of its presence faster than they can find new prey to drain to death and add to their loooong trail of corpses. But after some time things get better. The vampire eventually either meets a horrid end or learns to survive and slowly master her hunger. Generally after about a year a vampire is considered "no longer a baby" and has enough control over herself that accidents happen only by her negligence. The title of "Bloodkin" means that her bloodline is ready to recognise her as perhaps a little more than a worthless mistake. That is not the end of a vampire's growth but the remaining development is not playable because a normal game isn't likely to last several hundred years ^^

This of course applies to most vampires. The orphans who contracted vampirisim by accident and were left to fend for themselves. However those lucky few who are sired into organised bloodlines and introduced to the society of the night have a much better start. With proper tutelage and powerful sire's support they are not victims of the night but its masters from the first days of their new lives.

But for some even that is not enough. The truly ruthless and consumed by hunger for power as well as for blood sometimes decide to cheat their way to the top of the food chain. They indulge in the taboo practice of diablerie: draining other vampires to the last drop to gain their power. They say that diablerising any vampire can hasten one's ascent to power but the stronger the blood the easier the way. Only where does it lead?

Age increases the effectiveness of many unlockable powers and increases a vampire's natural speed, stamina regeneration, resistance to frost and affinity with stealth and Illusion.

Aside from ageing there also exists another kind of development: experience. It's independent of age and can only be gained by feeding, using your powers and doing other "vampiric" things. From time to time if you gain enough experience you will receive points to spend on unlocking new powers. The more blood you drink and the more you spend the faster you develop your special abilities. Vamprism favours the aggressive. But at what cost?

Q: After becoming a vampire everything goes weird!
A: It's either because of a mod conflict or because you played the game with the wrong PlayerVampireQuestScript.pex inside your Data/Scripts folder in which case you should remove it. In either case you should revert to a save before becoming a vampire and run the Update function. And then run it again after transformation is done just to be safe. If you don't want to or can't revert to an earlier save you could try doing Update and then Convert and Update again.

Q: What clothing mods did you use on those pictures?
A: The gown from the title picture is "Ashara Romantic Outfit" with a retexture from another mod (both are available here on nexus) and the cutie little dress with stockings was included in "Alan's BBP Armour Pack". Also the fluffy cloak is from "Winter Is Coming". I don't remember where the other two outfits came from right now.

Q: My blood is deteriorating so fast! Why?
A: All vampiric powers have a cost and some of them cost more than others. Activable powers (Seduction, Corpse Marionette, Mistform and so on) drain some blood when you activate them and toggleable powers (like Deadly Strength, Extended Perception, Embrace of Shadows and so on) drain it continuously while they're on.

If that doesn't help you may have encountered a rare bug which seems to pop up randomly while using "Vampiric Grip". To make sure first disable all your toggleable powers and then type "show mslVTDetAct" in console. If the value shown isn't 0 please type "set mslVTDetAct to 0" to return it to normal.

Q: Some of my powers are so weak!
A: They are weak at first but they grow in power as you get older. For example older vampires can raise more powerful corpses, mesmerise higher level people, summon more gargoyles, use Celerity, Mistform and Ferocious Surge for longer and so on.

Q: That other mod does this and that thing a different way, can you change it?
A: Nuh uh. I love doing things in a different way than other people. I'm weird this way ^^
You're welcome to make suggestions and if I love them I will implement them but if I decline please accept that this is the way I roll and if something is the way it is it is very very very likely that I had a good reason to make it like that.
And if this is not to your liking but you would still love to use a complex vampirism overhaul I encourage you to look at the amazing "Belua Sanguinare" and "Better Vampires" here on nexus.

Q: Will there be a compatibility patch with Royal Bloodline?
A: No. There will be no official support from me. But Tx12001 has made a compatibility patch so I recommend checking it out if you're interested in this!

Q: Could you include a power to revert appearance back to mortal?
A: It used to be low priority plan but I started playing elves and their vampire look is just horrid. This feature is included since version 2.51.

Q: I don't have the drain and raise spells in my hands when I turn into Vampire Lord! Help!
A: That's intentional. Before you can access those spells you need to unlock them first. To do that use the "Vampiric Abilities" lesser power in your magic menu once you have enough experience (which you can gain by feeding and using your powers).

Q: I cannot unlock any "combined" powers! Do they have any special requirements?
A: As of version 2.1 there are only two combined powers: one is in Mortuus Sanguine category and the other in Blood Magic.

Q: Can I turn NPCs into vampires? And if not will it be possible in the future?
A: No and no. It's not currently planned and there is almost no chance it will ever be added.

Q: But whyyyyyyyy?
A: The mod is no longer being updated.

- When using "Veil of the Night" the magic effect shows the bonus but the skills tab doesn't. I don't know what's causing it but that's just a cosmetic issue. The power works exactly as intended behind the scenes. Your increased skill levels won't show but they are there!
- The vanilla Illusion perks "Hypnotic Gaze" and "Kindred Mage" do in fact increase the effectiveness of Mesmerism powers but those bonuses don't show in their descriptions (I don't know why)
- Custom races may still have problems even if you followed my compatibility procedure detailed below. Sadly I cannot do anything about it alone. The creators of those races must be persuaded to leave the mechanisms governing vanilla vampirism ALONE or they will continue to conflict with most if not all vampirism overhauls!
- The first time you turn into Vampire Lord you will have a raise spell in your left hand even if you haven't unlocked it yet. But this spell doesn't actually work.
- Sometimes if the Vampire Lord's bite power attack animation takes too long to play you may not receive any blood from the victim but she or he will still die. But it only happened to me once during testing so this is not a very serious issue.
- Despite all fixes feeding recovery can still be a little unpredictable. Because some npcs have natural health regeneration and some don't some of them will recover their maximum health over time while others will only make full recovery once feeding damage disappears completely. In either case a using healing spells will bring the actor to her or his current maximum.

This mod is not compatible with anything that changes the "PlayerVampireQuestScript" and "DLC1PlayerVampireChangeScript" scripts, "PlayerVampireQuest" and "DLC1DialogueVampire" quest, "DLC1BloodPotion" potion, "AVMagickaRateMod" (Vampire Lord perk tree) actor value, "DLC1VampireSpellsPowers" formlist, "VampireFeed", "DLC1CorpseCursePerk", "DLC1DetectLifePerk", "DLC1GargoylePerk", "DLC1MistFormPerk", "DLC1PoisonTalons", "DLC1SupernaturalReflexesPerk" and "DLC1UnearthlyWill" perks and "VampirePoisonResist", "VampireHuntersSight", "VampireVampirism" spells. So that probably means any other vampire mods. Also the following actor values are used by this mod to track blood loss recovery for npcs: "Fame", "Infamy" and "Variable08".

It was reported that there may be issues with hotkeys that stop working after reloading if you have More HotKeys Please. Loading Vampric Thirst BEFORE that mod should solve the problem.

It was also reported that using "Climates Of Tamriel" causes issues with the new Vampire's Sight visuals.

It IS compatible with any race overhauls (it doesn't modify vampire races) and even can be made to work with custom races if you just follow the couple simple steps below!

How to make a custom race compatible with Vampiric Thirst?
1. Open Creation Kit (download it from Steam if you don't have it)
2. Load both "mslVampiricThirst.esp" and whatever mod contains the race you want to make compatible. MAKE SURE that the custom race has both a mortal and vampire version!
3. Locate "mslVTRacesFL" and "mslVTRacesVampiresFL" under Miscellaneous->FormList and open them both.
4. Now find the race you want to make compatible under Character->Race and drag its mortal version into "mslVTRacesFL" and its vampire version into "mslVTRacesVampiresFL" (it won't work if either mortal or vampire version is missing!)
5. Make sure that both versions of the race have the exact same index in both formlists!
6. Press "OK"
7. Save your plugin!
8. Open "Wrye Bash" (
9. Right click your plugin with the modified formlists and choose "Add Master..."
10. Select "mslVampiricThirst.esp" in the window that appears and click "Open"

And now your custom race should be able to turn into a vampire!

But if you don't want to bother with that you can simply find your race's vampire variant's ID (for example "BretonRaceVampire") and use console command "player.setrace X" where "X" insert the ID.

This mod is Skyrim Nexus exclusive*. If you see it uploaded anywhere else it means I haven't uploaded it there and for this reason I am not responsible for any issues it may cause, incompatibilities or outdatedness. Also if you see it uploaded on Steam Workshop, or Creation Club PLEASE inform me immediately! I do not host my Skyrim mods there!

This mod is abandoned. You have permission to freely use and modify this mod for personal use. You do not need my permission to publish derivative works based on it but I would be grateful if you mentioned me in the credits. This includes ports to Skyrim Special Edition (under the condition that they are hosted on the Nexus and ONLY on the Nexus).

* - Translations are exempt from this and can be hosted anywhere you like.

You can contact me* on Skyrim Nexus ( and that's also where you will find the newest version of the mod!

Please only use private messages if you're either a modder/translator/youtuber interested in cooperation, advertisement, permissions and so on OR wish to report legal violations. Any bug reports and feature requests you have should go to the mod's comments section.

- I'd like to thank Bethesda Softworks for providing Creation Kit and creating my second ^^ favourite series of games!
- Valstein0 for the original improved ashpile textures that I modified for my sexy new vampire dust
- KingsGambit for allowing me to use his invisibility eye glitch fix for my powers
- ShadeAnimator for making the amazing animations for me!
- Madmole (Unholy Darkness for Oblivion), Qarl (Underworld for Morrowind), Zennorious (Vampiric Hunger for Morrowind) for making vampirism in past Elder Scrolls games a lot more fun to play!
- Vampire the Masquerade franchise by White Wolf. It was the first thing that made me fall in love with vampires and I still love it!
- Nexus for the huge and very prolific modding community it has created!
- All the nice people continuing to report bugs and issues and contributing new ideas!