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  1. kojak747
    • supporter
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    If you find any obsidian mountain fogs obscuring certain areas etc, please get the FormID of the fog (via console) and post them below.

    I will check periodically for any contributions and update the plugin accordingly. Thanks

  2. clifftheripper5
    • premium
    • 197 posts
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    I know you can't completely get rid of z-fighting but does this mod help hide it?
    1. Inspar195
      • premium
      • 31 posts
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  3. Mebantiza
    • supporter
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    I use this file with in combination with a number of environmental mods to what Is, imo, best effect.

    Vivid Weathers.
    Real Clouds (Skyrim Classic-converted and updated)
    Real Rain
    Obsidian Fogs
    Truth ENB

    Obsidian only had 2 conflicts I needed to account for in my entire load order.

    The end effect, especially during heavy overcast rains, is amazing. At times, it almost looks exactly like the west coast rain storms that roll in out of the Pacific Ocean from time to time. The expanded and more voluminous clouds, of course, amply and enhance all these other mods effects immensely. Looks fine when it is clear as sunny as well.
  4. KainThePheonix
    • supporter
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    I really like this file. I also found it works perfectly using Merge Plugins. I have this in with an environmental merge of about 14 Plugins and it works just fine.

  5. eeekief
    • premium
    • 18 posts
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    Hello, I love this mod but all of a sudden I am having a conflict with my ENB preset (previously ran wonderfully). The fog surrounding me is black, like smoke. I know it's either this mod or the ENB (I'm using Rudy's) because I can either disable this mod and it goes away, or disable the enb and it looks fine. I'll ask around on an ENB thread too but I'm hoping you might have some suggestions. I've played with load order until my head spins...
  6. Rado3
    • premium
    • 194 posts
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    Just yet another thank you for your contribution! I use it always ^^ Also - 3 images from my bag o/
  7. lorddonk
    • member
    • 191 posts
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    Surely I'm just dumb but the phrasing "stripped from" could mean two things. If I use Obsidian Weathers, does that mean that I do not need this plugin? Or does this plugin provide enhancement for Obsidian Weathers?

    > "This mod is not needed if you have Obsidian Weathers (soon to be released)."

    Nevermind, I was just being dumb.
  8. bobbyp456
    • supporter
    • 178 posts
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    Now we just need a mod that adds fog to the sea of ghosts... I always have missing chunks of water out there
    1. TritonsWrath
      • member
      • 108 posts
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      I believe there is a mod for that.
  9. kvintanzil
    • member
    • 292 posts
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    not sure if this is because of this mod, but the smokes and fog looks amazing!! https://i.imgur.com/cMR0Ikg.jpg
  10. rfaid
    • member
    • 148 posts
    • 3 kudos
    needs more fog and how can i prevent the fog from disappearing when i get close, it just disappear quick when i get close. any thoughts?
    1. Kulharin
      • member
      • 4,030 posts
      • 18 kudos
      Oh, is that this mod? That's a bummer, but I see what you mean... when you reach the egde of the fog all of a sudden it completely disappears at that location... it's a bit jarring and breaks immersion,
  11. Kvalyr
    • premium
    • 87 posts
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    I love this mod. So simple, but it adds so much. The mountains feel so much bigger and further away, so it really improves the game world's illusion of scale.