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This application will extract all the files from BSA or BA2 files into the same folder as the BSA.
The folder hierarchy of the files from the archive is maintained.
After all files have been extracted the BSA or BA2 file will either be moved or deleted depending on the option you choose.

Permissions and credits
BSA Auto Extract

I like to work with ModOrganizer 2 and I like to merge mods using Merge Plugins xEdit Script. I've found that the best way to merge mods while working with MO2 is by first extracting all the BSAs into the mod folder so I created this application to make it easier.

When working with MO2:
After you install the mod run this program to extract the BSAs for any mods you wish to merge or all mods if you prefer.
Just navigate to the mods folder (ie: D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\ModOrganizer\mods) .
Find the folder for the mod(s) you want to extract BSAs for and either drag the mod folder or the individual files from within the mod folder into this app.
Or you can just drag the ModOrganizer mods folder into this app to extract the BSAs for all install mods.
Click the extract button an your done.

When manually installing mods:
When manually installing modes the best way to manage them is to have a "mods" folder where you extract all the mods you download so you can easily manage the files. If you're using that method then you can use this app to extract any or all the BSAs before copying them to your game Data folder. If you already have all your mods install then you can navigate to the data folder (ie: D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\data) and drag the BSAs you want to extract into this app and click the extract button. I wouldn't recommend extracting all the base game BSA file (Skyrim - Animations.bsa etc) but you can if you like.

When working with NMM:
Currently this app doesn't have a way to work with NMM do to the way NMM handles mods. I don't plan on adding support for NMM since Vortex (the replacement for NMM) is do out soon. Vortex may make this program obsolete.  If not I may add support for Vortex once it's out.

The application is very simple to use.

To add files or folder:
Click the add files button to display a dialog box to select BSA or BA2 files to add to the list.
Click the add folder button to display a dialog box to select folders to add to the list.
Drag files or folders into the items list.

To remove items from the list:
Click remove files button to remove any selected items from the list.
Click the clear list button to clear the list.

To control how subfolders are processed:

Check the "Process Sub Folder" box to have all BSA and BA2 files in all subfolder extracted
If the "Process Sub Folder" box is unchecked only the BSA and BA2 files within the folder will be processed.

To control how BSA and BA2 files are handed when finished:
Check the "Delete BSAs" box to have the BSA and BA2 files deleted after all files have been extracted.
Check the "Move BSAs" box to have the BSA and BA2 moved to the folder you specify.
If no folder is specified the BSA and BA2 files will be moved to a subfolder named “optional”.
     If the destination folder is “C:\MyModes” the files will be move from:
          D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\SkyrimSpecial Edition\ModOrganizer\mods\UNP Jewelry SE
          C:\MyModes\UNP Jewelry SE

To start the extracting process:
Click extract button.

To move files from "optional" subfolders:
If you have files already in the “optional” subfolders (or “BSAs” for older versions) clicking this button  will either
delete the files or move them to the specified folder .  To use this utility add items to the list as follows:
     If there are BSA or BA2 files in the list that are in an “optional” subfolder they will be delete or moved.
     BSA and BA2 files in the list that are not in an “optional” subfolder will be ignored.
     If there are “optional” subfolders in the list then files within them will be deleted or moved.
     If there are folders in the list that are not “optional” subfolders:
          If process subfolders is not check then this app will look for an “optional” subfolder in each folder and
          delete or move any BSA and BA2 files within it.
          If process subfolders is check it will look for all “optional” subfolders in any subfolder below each folder
          and delete or move the files from all of them.

Any “optional” subfolders that is left empty after BSA files have been moved will be deleted.
For example. If the destination folder is “C:\MyModes” the files will be moved from:
     D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\SkyrimSpecial Edition\ModOrganizer\mods\UNP Jewelry SE\optional
     C:\MyModes\UNP Jewelry SE

To abort the process:
Click the abort button to abort the processing. 

This only stops the process.  It doesn’t undo the files that have already been extracted.
Any files that have already been extracted from the BSAs will remain.

v1.1.2 – Fix a bug where you get an error if you click cancel when selecting folders. I also merged all support libraries into the exe so there is now only 1 file.
v1.1.1 – Fix the false move error message.
v1.1 Added the the option to move files to a different location and to move files from existing "optional" subfolders.  Updated the UI.
v1.0 Original release.

Known Bugs
v1.1 – When using the move BSA files option you will sometimes get an error indicating that a file failed to move after all files have been successfully moved. If you get an error check to see if there is another message saying the same file was successfully moved. If so then it is a false error.

This application use Sharp.BSA.BA2 from AlexxEG