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Adds a banking system to Skyrim, complete with loans, a savings account, interest, and (optional) paper currency.

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Google's Imperial Bank
Google's Imperial Bank adds to the game a banking system complete with loans, a savings account, and paper currency. The banking services are accessed by mentioning "Imperial Bank Services" to any of the court stewards in the game. Before you access any of the advanced features, you must first open an account (free of charge).

Savings Account
Your savings account accumulates 2% interest compounded daily, and will persist across all holds. Depositing funds is free, however there is a 2% service charge to withdraw funds.

Loans can be taken out from any Jarl's steward, and accumulate 3% interest compounded daily. There is a maximum loan amount equal to 500 multiplied by the player's Speech level. The entire loan amount (principal + any accumulated interest) must be paid back within 30 days or else you will face a 500 gold bounty in the hold you are in when the 30 days has ended. Defaulting does not stop the interest from accruing however, so make sure to pay your loan back on time! Loan payments can be made to any Jarl's steward in user-defined amounts.

Paper Septims

As of version 1.4.0, this mod now requires Spell Perk Item Distributor! If you don't want to find paper septims in the world, just delete the included GPPaperMoney_Distr.ini

You can also customize this file to your liking. 

Finally the mod adds paper currency to the world. The new bank notes can be found throughout the game world as loot and quest rewards (I recommend using a Smashed Patch for maximum compatibility). The bills come in increments of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 septims. The new notes automatically convert to regular septims when dialogue is started or the barter menu is opened so you can pay fines, rent rooms, and buy items with paper septims. Upon exiting dialogue or closing the barter menu they are converted back.

Currency Exchange
You now have the option to convert your currency between coins and bills at any Jarl's steward. This service is free and is quite helpful if you are using a mod that adds weight to coins.

Mod Configuration Menu
There is also an MCM for choosing the account interest rate and loan interest rate.


I took heavy inspiration from Imperial Mail and Immersive Currency, both conceptual and technical. I based this mod's scripts on the scripts from those mods, and by poking around in their source code I managed to figure out how they work and design my own variants.

powerOfThree for Spell Perk Item Distributor
Meo3000 for 
Meos Paper Septims
MrPwn for SkyUILib