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This plugin adds usable silver and gold coins to Skyrim. It also uses the regular copper coin textures for the septims and also reduces the size of those coins, if you don't like them you can always download any of my previous re-textures, as they replaces the same coin from the vanilla game, same if you want the copper coins to be as big as the silver and golden coins just download the mesh in the optional section called "Immersive Coins - No glass reflection MESH" >>Immersive coins - Retextures

Why? never liked the currency in vanilla Skyrim, and when i looked for a currency mod to make the game a bit more realistic, i cound't find any one that did what i wanted to do, just a simple mod that add usable silver and gold coins, and by usable i mean that you can actually use for trade without having to just change it for septims.

Why coins of the new order? In ancient times, after a war, the winner (in this case the Thalmor) created a new currency, because there is no better way to make the defeated to remember than everytime they had to buy anything. The golden coin (sovereign) has the queen Ayreen's face, former of the first aldmeri dominion.

The silver coin has the face of saint Alessia, the ruler that saved humanity from the Ayleids, yu may also notice the back detail on that coin and the number of stars surrounding the white-gold tower?. Last but not least, the septim with Tiber Septim's face, which is the vanilla design that i decided to keep. In any case, if you don't like my designs, check the optional section for the silver and sovereign coins with my tiber septim's design.

The way you use the coins is autimatically. Once you start dialogue with an npc (or the barter menu opens), all the silver and gold coins are replaced for their value in septims. Once the dialogue is over (or the barter is done), you get them back to your inventory and their value transformed is removed. It removes the silver coins first, then the golden, as they have more value. This way, depending of the transactions, if you end up with less money than the value in septims for the coins you had, you get less coins back, first in sovereigns and then in silver.

Immersive Currency - Thanks to Reneer i was able to use his script and adapt it to my mod. This script now allows the players to use the coins for buying outside the barter menu, for example whenever you don't have a single septim but you have enough sovereigns and silvercrowns to rent a room or pay a fine, or buy a house for example. Be warned though, if you carry 5000 or even more silver and/or gold coins it will slow down the game a bit, much more of course if you, for any reason, decided to alter my mod and leave the coins weightless and carry around 10000 in money, it will slow things down whenever you start a conversation, one of the reasons why i added weight to the coins alongside with the usual immersion reason. As always, do your part and please let me know about any issues.


Coins have increased values now.

- 1 silver crown = 50 cc
- 1 sovereign = 2 silvercrowns = 100 cc
- 1 gold ingot = 10 sovereigns = 1000 cc
- 1 silver ingot = 10 silver crowns = 500cc

Seems to work fine with Skyrim this way, as i've been playing with it for a while. All items of course with updates values and also the changing currency options at each THC office. With this update you won't get rid of that pickaxe anytime soon. Check the images section to see some examples. As always, let me know if i forgot anything.

A little plugin i did for myself. If you use this plugin, you won't find many of the coins carried by people outside cities. As mentioned here "Occasionally, a king would travel outside his realm, it was important that he have coins of value for the area he traveled to in order to purchase exotic or needed items. Coins were not generally carried by those outside of the city, such as knights or peasants unless they was going to one of the great trade fairs..."

- Fixed the price for some tableware items such as silver plates and cups. Now stealing silver is as rewarding as it should be. You'll be looting tableware like a maniac with this, trust me.
- Fixed the price for some food. No more wine or mead at $80 septims. "I paid the woman with a silver, and still got back a handful of coppers" - George R. R. Martins, "The Hedge Knight". Most food is cheaper now, but to keep balance i also...
- Reduced the amount of coin as rewards from quests and in looting leveled lists. You will beg for work now, as the quests will be the best source for silver and golden coins.
- Increased the value for renting a room to 25 septims (equivalent to 1 silver crown). Mostly for balance reasons. If you are like me and play with any survival or basic needs mod, you'll be struggling at the beginning of the game, but later on, it's going to feel just right.


The THC is a small organization that will allow players to change currency. There are 5 offices in Skyrim, being the one in Whiterun the principal.

In the THC you can:
- Change any kind of currency (gold and silver into septims, gold coins to silver coins and viceversa).
- Buy financial documents (only in the Whiterun office) will allow you to have a simple bank account with them. YOU CAN ONLY STORE SEPTIMS, STANDARD GOLD AND SILVER COINS AND INGOTS. You can access your account from any THC office.
- Using other forms of currency is forbidden, that's why you can also change dwemer and nordic coins and turn them into standard silver and gold coins. Nobody stops you from selling the coins to any vendor though.
-You can buy gold sovereigns and silver crowns, but only if you are Thane of Whiterun. There might be another way though...
-You can change gold and silver ingots for their value in sovereigns and silver crowns respectively. Hope you have stored all those precious ingots because now they have more value than ever. Mining gold and silver has a purpose now beyond doing jewelry.

Warning: You can no longer store gems in your bank account, so if updating from a previous version to 1.4 or beyond, first remove any of them you might have stored, just in case.


Added dwemer and nordic coins to the world. Also added Falmer coins to, you can guess, Falmer leveled lists. They are made of tin, so there will be no value there, just for immersive reasons.

- Gold and silver coins are the only ones accepted for change.
- Dwemer metal coins and copper nordic coins can be converted into dwemer metal ingots and corundum ingots respectively.

Value of the standard coins: I decided to use the vanilla scale.
1 gold ingot = 100 septims
1 silver ingot = 50 septims

This is an aberration from the game, so i decided to take a value of 500 for the gold ingots and a value of 250 for the silver ingots, and 10 coins of each to buy its respective ingot. That's why in my mod:
Value (in septims):
- 1 silver coin=25 septims
- 1 gold coin= 50 septims

- 1 silver coin=0.0310
- 1 gold coin= 0.0330
- 1 copper coin=0.0250

Added gold and silver nuggets.

Now whenever you mine from a gold or silver mine, you'll get the usual gold or silver ore, but you'll be able to transform them into gold or silver nuggets (one for each) and then get 10 of each nugget to turn them into gold or silver ingots. This way it's harder to get gold and silver ingots from mines. You can get plenty gold and silver ingots in the world anyway so i thought this will make a bit of balance. Also, the forsworn faction was the only faction my mod didn't altered, as i didn't add coins of any kind for them. They wouldn't use them anyway, they are savages! instead i added gold and silver nuggets to their leveled lists, and in some cases they will completely replace the usual septim, not always, as i think forsworn usually steal from caravans so they might as well carry the usual septim. Also the nuggets are often sold by blacksmiths so if you don't mind to buy 2 or 3 to complete the set and make an ingot, you may do so.


- 1 silver nugget=25 septims, 0.0310 wgth
- 1 gold nugget= 50 septims, 0.0330 wght


Something i forgot to add after the last update with gold and silver nuggets. I never do jewelry but might allow to use the pieces to make them instead of wasting an ingot in a miserable necklace.

1 gold or silver nugget = 1 gold or silver piece
1 gold or silver piece = 1 ring
3 gold or silver pieces = 1 necklace
10 gold or silver pieces = 1 gold or silver ingot
1 gold or silver ingot = 10 gold or silver pieces

Added ONLY for immersive reasons. I could have used the nuggets but there is no logic in allowing the players to turn ingots back to nuggets, as nuggets are suppossed to be extracted directly from ore. So these pieces will allow players to make jewelry using parts of an ingot instead of an entire ingot. To make it work i also altered the vanilla recipes for jewelry so they require the gold or silver pieces instead of the ingots. Thsi way it keeps the balance for my mod and also is far more realistic to require a small piece of gold to make a ring for example, or 3 to make a necklace (two pieces for the pendant and one for the collar). You are welcome.

Recomendations: Use any mod that fix the prices for the vanilla items such as "Trade and Barter". I also recommend to save your game with my mod installed, exit to main menu and then re-load that save, to avoid the vanilla bug with new actors added into the game not starting conversations.

Compatibility: This plugin should be compatible with any mod that adds  new npcs with barter capabilities, as it runs everytime the barter menu is open. Of course, not compatible with any mods that alter the leveled list for gold loot, coin purses, bandit-falmer-dwemer-draugr treasures and changes the values manually for the bounty gold you get from quests, as that's the only way i found to dinamically add my coins to the world... unless of course you use a bashed/smashed patch, in which case you can make a patch and just forget about anything else.

Compatibility patches available in the optional section (all require original mod):
Beautiful Whiterun by MorninJerky
Bounty Gold  by gorey666

Incompatibility list.
Gold Adjustment by kuertee no more compatible post version 1.4. It removes the septims (gold) returned back to your inventory after any dialogue related with a quest is finished.

Extra Encounters by SayHelloToMrBullet. I don't know how an encunter mod managed to screw some dialogues, but you'll have some trouble trying to buy stuff from some blacksmiths, particulary the ones at any imperial/stormcloak camp. The script won't trigger, thus you won't be able to buy from them. Seems to work for other merchants though so it's more like a choice for you. Weird stuff indeed.

Known issues.

- Update 1.8 - you can give the coins to your companion now, but if he or she is a trainer you won't be able to use the coins to pay for the service. I'm looking for a way to fix this.

- SKSE last version. No, really, you need it.
- Skyrim Legendary Edition, last version (

Install instructions:
- Add with NMM
- Double click to install

- In NMM, double click on the installed file.

I'm spanish talker, so i apologize for language/gramma errors you find in my mod. If you give me a hand i don't mind correcting if needed.

- Bethesda for the amazing game
- Oaristys and Tony67 for these amazing resources:
- LOLICEPT and these awesome resources:

Tools used:
- 3DSMax
- Niftools
- Crazy Bump
- Photoshop CS6
- BSAopt unpacker
- TES5Edit
- The amazing creation kit of course.

- 09-09.2017 - UPDATE 1.8a - General update (main mod and iPrices). Fixed the companion issue, now you can give the coins to them. Also fixed several collission meshes issues that made the coins and some other objects to look weird when dropped. Also fixed some missing textures
- 09-04-2017 - Added compatibility patch for Bounty Gold.
- 09-03-2017 - Immersive Prices UPDATE 1.7a - Doubled the value for silvercrowns and sovereigns.
- 09-03-2017 - UPDATE 1.7a* - Improved script. You won't get a log loaded with stuff anymore. I apologize, i'm learning coding as i advance further on the development of this mod.
- 09-03-2017 - UPDATE 1.7 - You can now change currency as usual in any THC office.
- 09-02-2017 - UPDATE 1.6a - Added gold and silver pieces. Added better mesh and textures for the nuggets.
- 09-01-2017 - UPDATE 1.6 - Updated meshes and textures.
- 08-26-2017 - UPDATE 1.5 - Added gold and silver nuggets. Added the falmer coin.
- 08-21-2017 - UPDATE 1.2 - Now you can change gold and silveringots for sovereigns and silver crowns. Changed the mesh for the gold and silver crowns and the textures, now they look more like actual coins and less like buttons. Also reworked the textures for the dwemer and nordic coins*
- 07-15-2017 - UPDATE 1.2 - Now you can buy gold and silver coins. Also added "Immersive Prices" as an optional plugin.
- 07-05-2017 - UPDATE 1.1 - Fixed LEGENDARY ED. patch in which some leveled gold lists added too much money.
- 07-04-2017 - UPDATE 1.0 - Added the coins for Dawnguard, HearthFire and Dragonborn expansions.
- 07-03-2017 - Release.