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Makes silver weapons craftable, able to be tempered, available in leveled lists, silver tipped dragonbone arrows, and silver edged dragonbone blades to Skyrim Special Edition.

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Have you ever wondered why you would have to find find Silver Hand NPCs in order to find any silver weapons in the game? Ever wonder why having silver weapons made such an impact in previous Elderscroll games? Me too. After having played great weapon mods and overhauls for regular skyrim, I decided to make already existing silver weapons in Skyrim more available.

Silver blades and silver arrows are now craftable with the appropriate perks. The Silver perk as been modified to do 1.5x damage instead of it's original +20 damage from it's value in Skyrim.

Now don't get too excited, that wolfish grin is unnerving.


I have added existing and new silver weapons to the leveled lists therefore if there are other mods in your load out that modify the same leveled lists then one will have to produce a merged level lists patch either manually using SEEdit or WyreBash (assuming it becomes available for SE if it isn't already) or automatically using a SkyProc Patcher (if it becomes available later on).

This mod has been cleaned with Skyrim SEEdit.

When difficulty mods particularly for Draugr become available, I would highly advise them!


Skyrim Special Edition
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Use NMM to install into your game

Happy Hunting and put those deaders back in the grave!