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My I4 icons collection for different mods. Current: Forgotten Art(Full), LOTD(Part of misc items), Fossil Mining(Fossils), Panties of Skyrim, AHO, C.O.I.N., Coins of Tamriel SSE

Permissions and credits
My own collection of icons for different mods that I've used in my playthrough. Thanks to the great I4 mod - now we are able to visualize and categorize items better! Let say NO! to the common white misc boxes in our chests! Examples of the icons shown in the images section!

What this mod do?
This mod is a collection of icons for the different mods. For now it includes:

Forgotten Art - All items 
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Part of misc items (The full list of covered items see below)
Fossil Mining - Fossils based on tiers (4 tiers)
Panties of Skyrim - Basic icon for all panties
AHO - Most of misc items now has unique icons
Coins of Tamriel SSE
C.O.I.N. - Coins of Interesting Natures

Currently in progress
  • CC - Fishing
Mods in plan:
  • CC - Ghosts of the Tribunal
  • CC - Rare Curios
  • CC - Saint & Seducers
  • CC - Forgotten Seasons
  • CC - Arcane Archer Pack
  • LOTD - All misc items (I know that there are a lot of single use items but if I can add this icon there - so be it :D)
Features in plan:
  • Colorless icons - to be used with your Inventory Tweaks mods
  • Translations - there are not a lot of strings but they are

How it works?
If you will not have all these mods that I've covered in this icon pack - you can still use it! I4 will show and use that icons - which mods you have installed! My mod is marked as ESL (Shouldn't take the mod slot). Put it as lover as possible into your mod list!

Put this mod as lover as possible, should works for most of cases!

All credits for the mods I've created icons to - goes only to their own creators. I have nothing related to these mods and only create the icons for my own purposes. All icons were created with Inkscape\Photoshop\JPEXS