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by The Skyrim Voice Alliance

VIGILANT. An amazing quest mod made by Vicn, requiring the player to join the Vigilants of Stendarr and help them
keep Skyrim safe from the influence of malevolent forces ... and then a certain Daedric Prince takes a very
personal interest in the newest member of the Vigilants.

Up until some time ago, you could play this mod only partially translated into English. But you waited and eventually,
an English translation was complete. Something was still missing, though.

All the characters were silent.

But now ... we have a solution for you. The mod before you is an English voice acting addon for Vigilant, brought
to you by 23 incredibly talented voice actors and the author of the latest English translation. Every single character
you will meet during your journey as a Vigilant of Stendarr is now voiced and waiting to talk to you.

We hope you will enjoy this addon.

- over 1200 lines of voiced dialogue
- 23 talented voice actors
- updated English translation by Aelarr

Q: Is this a full mod?
A: No. This is just sound files and a translated .esp file. You still need the original Vigilant mod.

Q: Do I need a separate translation file for this?
A: No. The latest English .esp file is included. You only need the original Vigilant mod.

Q: Can I use this with any other translation (Chinese, German ...)?
A: As of version 3.0, no. This version includes an additional plagun that prevents NPCs from switching between vanilla and custom voices and also includes some adjustments to their lines. It will need to be translated to
be fully compatible with any non-English translations.

Q: I don't like some of the voices.
A: No one says you have to. And that's not a question.

Q: Why are some characters saying vanilla Skyrim greetings/farewells/combat shouts?
A: That's an unfortunate limitation of Vicn using vanilla voice types (like MaleBrute, FemaleYoungEager) instead of
creating custom ones. Yes, we know it can be annoying. No, we can't really fix it. On the upside, that makes the
voice acting pack compatible with every other translation.
UPDATE: This was fixed with the update 2.0 for the .esp version of this addon, but for the .esm version I'll have
to recreate Vigilant Voiced plugin from scratch (due to different references between .esp and .esm versions). This will
come at a later date or, in the worst case, when Vigilant Voiced gets remastered to be more in line with voiced addons
for Vigilant and Glenmoril.
UPDATE 2: Fixed again in version 3.0, this time for the .esm version. Took me long enough...

Q: Can I update from the .esp version of VIGILANT to the .esm version in an existing playthrough/save?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is non-negotiable. That would break your game beyond repair - the references in the .esm version are completely
different than in the .esp version. You may end up with duplicate NPCs, quests would definitely break, scripts would misfire and your saves
would be bricked badly enough that no script cleaner under the sun could help you. You CANNOT update on an ongoing save under any circumstances.
Same for having both Vigilant.esm and Vigilant.esp in your load order. This is a no-go. A new game or a save that has never seen Vigilant before
is absolutely required.
If you do update anyway despite all the warnings and then come complain to me because your game is suddenly not working, you
will get no answer and no sympathy. And you will be sacrificed to Molag Bal. No mercy.

Q: But what if I am already playing through Vigilant on the .esp version?
A: Then finish it on the .esp version. Or start a new game with the .esm one. There are no other valid options. Really.

Q: Okay, but what are the differences between the .esp and .esm versions of Vigilant?
A: Strictly content-wise, none. The story, places, NPCs and items are all exactly the same in both versions.
However, mechanically, they behave a bit differently. To keep it short and understandable, Skyrim sees all the .esm plugins
as masters much like the official files (Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn) and loads them in a more efficient way
than the .esp plugins. They are also more stable in heavily modded games, meaning less chance of random CTDs.
It's been found out that there are only so many references Skyrim can load before it starts crashing, and for some reason
.esm plugins load fewer of these than their .esp cousins. If you want more details, you can find them in this reddit thread:

Q: So... which version should I use then? .esp or .esm?
A: Depends on how heavily modded your game is. But in general, you'll be safer with the .esm version.
UPDATE: With version 1.4.5 you no longer have a choice, since there is only .esm available now. For the better, really.

What you absolutely need, no exceptions whatsoever:
- latest version of Skyrim Special Edition
- latest version of Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) (needed for Vigilant itself)
- latest version of VIGILANT (1.6.2)

How to install:
- make sure you meet all the requirements
- download VIGILANT Voiced - English Addon
- install with your mod manager of choice or manually unzip the files to your Skyrim Data folder
- let it overwrite existing Vigilant.esm (you need to do this, otherwise you won't get the translated text and you'll only get the dreaded rectangles)
- activate the mod and sort your load order with LOOT or manually if you know what you're doing (Vigilant Voiced.esp needs to come after Vigilant.esm, obviously)
- play

- Jesse Beam: Altano, Vernaccus, Amkaos, Lovidicus, Seridur, Vicente, Umaril the Unfeathered, Sir Caius, Redguard Attendant, Nord Attendant, Cadwell
- Xander Pakzad: Jacob, Belharza, Jhunal the Owl
- GameDuchess: Gwyneth, Carene, Lamae Beolfag, Gloriel the Valkyrie, Reyda (before 3.0), Elda (before 3.0)
- John Brougher: Thorondir
- Deldour: Winch the Handy, Jakben, Dro'Zel, Andurs (before 3.0)
- Caitlin Buckley (Blog): Campaner'Ra, Khajiit Attendant, Altmer Attendant, Ogra the Stablemaster, Martha, Mary, Keerava (before 3.0)
- Michaela Gilchrist (Twitter): Lusine, Lilian, Alessia, Enola, Atima, Conrad, Alan, Hilda the Witch, Sabrina
- NeverNotNinja (Casting Call Club): Jo'vanni
- Alex Cain - Complete the Circuit (Soundcloud): Mar'so, Thannor, The Black Worm, Ja'zhan Jr
- Jacob Barlow (Demo reel): Kathutet, Male Windhelm Guard, Hindaril, M'que, Bishop Arasil, Sir Juncan, Melus Petilius, Priest of Arkay, Male Imperial Attendant, Dorald the Incompetent
- Geovell: Balor, Paulo, Varla the Human Hunter
- Max Engesser: Taranis, Tlass, Bourlor
- Icasma: Bal-Rahel
- Patrick Deegan: Molag Bal, Ja'zhan Sr
- Liz Dance: Female Windhelm Guard, Female Imperial Attendant
- Ki McKenzie: Pope Megus, Sir Berich, Gaiden Shinji. Jorleif (before 3.0)
- MeekVoice: Aredhel, Bal-Bard, Priest of Stuhn, Pelinal, Scamp Captain, Sir Henrik, Tsun, Orlando the Knowledgeable (new in 3.0), Reyda (new in 3.0)
- Craftiian (Casting Call Club): Thingol, Julius, Dregs of Sithis, The Black Hand, ???????/Akatosh, Deathbringer Volar
- Daniel Hodge: Facis, Morihaus, Sheogorath
- Andrew Barton: Pepe, Sir Ralvas, Sir Torolf
- Cróblysimp (Youtube) (Casting Call Club): Marukh, Sir Amiel, Simon, Laza
- Dave "Crull001" Miller: Ritho, Cato
- Megalodon 302: Kahkaankrein
- Some random dog: Al, Korn
- vanilla spliced voices for Elda, Andurs, Keerava and Jorleif (new in 3.0)

ACTIONFIGHTER11: Machinima Syndicate - alerting and finding more voice actors for this project
Aelarr: Project leader, fiddling with Audacity and yelling at CK

Thanks to:
- Bethesda Game Studios for Skyrim and the Creation Kit (yes, CK, Aelarr still hates you)
- Vicn for creating the original mod
- a123999 for numerous corrections and translation advice
- Spylorm for allowing me to compare my translation with his German one (you can find it here:
- the modding community for nagging long enough that Aelarr decided to get off her lazy butt and do this
- Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg for Audacity (this little thing is a godsend)

In order to eliminate the issue with NPCs switching between their custom and vanilla voices, they had to be assigned their own voice types ... which completely and utterly broke all merchant and follower functionality in
the mod, which obviously had to be rebuilt. Merchants work without issues, but followers now run on their own very simple follower system and if you already have a follower with you, you will not even get a recruitment dialogue
for the mod added followers (if you dismiss your current follower, you'll be able to see the dialogue and recruit them just fine, though). At the moment I don't know why this is happening, but I suspect it has something to do
with the dialogue conditions. As it is, I consider this a minor enough issue that it shouldn't ruin anyone's game (and honestly, if those few VERY basic followers Vigilant offers you in its final act make or break your enjoyment ...
this may not be the mod for you in the first place). Anyway, if anyone knows the solution, feel free to point it out and I'll fix the thing (I'll likely fix it anyway ... at some point).

Also, since the followers are now on their own very basic follower system, I have zero clue how they'll act if you try to manage with any follower management mod. Maybe it'll work fine. Maybe your compute will blow up.
I don't know. I never liked followers, I don't use them and neither do I use any follower management mod. Vigilant is meant to be a solo adventure anyway in my opinion, but if you really must drag an
army of followers with you, then you're probably capable of dealing with any inevitable issues arising from that. You're on your own here, sorry.

The four vanilla NPCs used in the mod (Elda Early-Dawn, Keerava, Andurs and Jorleif) now have their dialogue made up of spliced vanilla lines. Obviously that makes their lines a little less translation accurate and a little less
informative. Some lines also flow better than the others, most obviously with Jorleif (who has the most lines) - I will likely tweak them further in coming updates, but for now it's better than having them switch between voices.
If anyone really misses their old custom voiced lines, I will provide them again. Just be aware that they'll be switching between their vanilla and custom voices for those.