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Explore the new continent of Shumer and learn of its past and present mysteries.

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  • German
This is the Full Release of my Shumer Mod and replaces the Wip version, Shumer and the Fall of Allagard SSE. If you had that mod this version requiries a clean save.

Update 13 June 24:
Provided slightly more information in the large dungeon complex in Custodian a quest; and bug fixes.  Update V1.2.3 added.

Update 05 June 24:
Fixed quest bug that only occured in SE not LE (aargh!) Update V1.2.2 added.

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Visit the Wiki here: Shumer specifically the quest guide here. The maps section has maps of Shumer, Barbella and Althira.

This is a mod translating a large D&D campaign of mine into Skyrim. The story is set on the continent of  Shumer which has its own history, religion and myths, stretchng back 4000 years. This is a narrative mod telling the story of Shumer, a story the player will learn that by completing quests, reading the books, journals and letters and talking to people.  The mysteries of the past still have a relvance to present day Shumer .

How to get to Shumer:

Either use the Alternative start (it's the 'looking for a monk' option near the bottom of the list) or make you own way to the Village of Mitt east of Rorikstead; talk to the monk in the first house on the right and this starts a short "Introduction to Shumer" quest which completes when you speak to a priest at the Stores in Dagana Landing in Shumer. This priest recommends you visit Kholinor and speak to the Guard commander in his house, you don't have to do this immediately; but, after you have done the quest he gives you; 'Introduction to the Gods', a lot more people in Shumer will speak to you and give you tasks.

When you can afford it buy the lodge in Dagana Landing as it has a postbox and from time to time you will recieve mail. After completing these Introductions some interesting people to talk to are Khasijesu in his boat at Dagana Landing, Kuyujirik the mad priest in Akkad and Hadanish the Printer in Talhinor.

Mod Features


1. Shumer is the size of about 3 Skyrim holds with over 150  map marked locations (and 40 unmarked ones) and 80+ underground locations. Also there are two small islands called Barbella and Althira. It is home to over 1000 npcs. Currently 8,500 lines of voiced dialogue to support the quests and narrative of Shumer and to add local colour.

2. A Story and 52 new books (so far) covering the Shumerian themed history and the religion plus some fiction/non-fiction stories and 42 journals and numerous letters, which add to the story of Shumer's past and things yet to come.

3. A Shumer version of the "Great Jar Hunt" with 27 Ingredient Jars to collect and  4 treasure maps.

4. As far as Questing goes; there is the Main Questline (21), Side Quests (34), Guild Quests (21) and Miscellaneous Quests (70) in Shumer. The islands and Skyrim also have a few quests (38) to do.

5. In Skyrim 4.5 villages, 2 Inns, a boathouse, an estate, a ruined castle and a pirate base on the northern coast (Pirates of the North).

What is needed and Load Order

This mod requires two DLCs (Dawnguard and Dragonborn)

There is a mainfile ShumerWorld containing the Baseline world master and the resources file:

  • ShumerWorld.bsa
  • ShumerWorld.esm

There is one Update file containing:

  • PiratesNorth.esp 
  • ShumerNWa.esp
  • PNExteriorCellsPatchLE.esp 
  • Various loose files (LOD, voices, scripts etc)  

Load Order: ShumerWorld.esm, Piratesnorth.esp, ShumerNWa.esp, PNExteriorCellsPatchLE.esp. 

This adds my location names to Exterior Cells that other mods may overwrite back to Vanilla it should be at the bottom of your load order.

There is a monster file containing facegen data in the Update Section

Note: Shumer contains my Pirates of the North mod in its entirety so if you have Pirates already you can remove it from your mod manager and just add the Shumer files and resources.

Compatibilty and Patches

This Mod uses custom fonts for supported languages(English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese). The Information thread in the Forum tells you how to deal with other languages.


I have made various patches for the Oldrim version, but don't know which are relevant as I don't haunt the SSE world, if you see one on the oldrim page that needs doing or anything else for that matter let me know.  The patches below are all in the Patchs File in the optional section, download and pick the ones you want; all patches should be below all relevant mods in your load order.

The Unfinished Business - Dungeon Pack -
I have moved the entrance to Cryon Nulal up the hill as it was inside Yar Cove.
Great Forest of Whiterun - not surprisingly removes trees.

More Bandit Camps -
removes the bandit camp clashing with Mitt.
TPOS Ultimate-
incorporates my ship and boathouse at Solitude into the TPOS community there and
deletes the TPOS village next to Mitt as it makes it too largea

TPOS 2 -
moves the battles near Mitt and Wilvercombe entirely outside the villages.
Viking Towns of Skyrim -
No structural clash with Wilvercombe but Navmesh needed to be sorted.
Roscrea Island - moved its boat at Solitude landing.

Enhanced Solitude Docks -
added pirate boat to end of this mods pier and moved boathouse.
Holds the City Overhaul -
tidies up Allagard Castle
Brotherhood of Old
moves cave at Smugglers Rest
Great City of Skyrim -
removes drydock from Solitude Landing
Forgotten Dungeons (for this patch Forgotten Dungeons should be higher in you load order than PiratesNorth.esp)

M'rissi Tales of Troubles - repairs navmesh and terrain around Allagard Castle.
Outlaws and Revolutionaries - Moves the Chapel entrance from under Allagard Castle.
Skyrim Radioactive - Solitude - Moves Solitude Boathouse
Landscape Fixes for Grass - Repairs terrain around Allagard Castle and Whithorse Inn
Elder Scrolls Online Imports - Moves Giant Camp out  if Ashcombe
Imperial Stone - The Forts of Skyrim Redone - moves a camp near Allagard Estate.
Dawnstar - moves Pirate Jetty beyond the Dawnstar Sanctuary can be used without other mods.
Northern Roads - Fixes Mitt Area.
Laintar Dale - Fixed Smugglers Rest Area


JPCorwyn - Many voices and for acting as master of
ceremonies for a gaggle of voice actors and applying his writing
Tasheni - Writing the common people dialogue and small quests.
BowmoreLover - Testing and debugging and drawing the maps and Japanese translation
Dreifels -
Testing and debugging and German translation



Tyler Will "Shumer-Open Area Music", "Shumer-Woodland Theme", "Shumer Ocean Theme" and "Shumer God of the Sky" written for
JPCorwyn - "The Price of Victory", "The Red Storm", "The Road to Westsong" and "After the Stand Off"
TRG Banks under Licence
Philip Weigl under Licence

Voice Credits
See Article

Use of Other Modders Resources Credited below:

Resources with an asterisk indicate I asked specific permission to use them.


Book Credits (Alternate book fonts by evercharmer):
Hunters Series of tales - A number of long forgotten 19th authors customized for my purposes.
Sayings and poetry of Kholinor - A number of long dead Sumerian/Babylonian authors also customized for my purposes.
Aurlyn conversation by mlee3141
The rest are made up and entirely my fault

Modders Structures and Worlds

Newworld from Breti (Shumer exterior)
Paradise Island from jet4571 (Barbella exterior)
Pirate's Cove by ArtParker ( also MJAB98 & Tehandyman)
Facor Island by Mathew1800 (Althira)
Cave Level from James (Free Traders HQ)
Tower Resource from IgnacyOrder
Imperial Fort Resource by whatever 515
Svindall Estate by nogzoeits (Daganas Manor Interior)
Bran Keep and Dawnleaf Castle from Alethz (Enkir's Rest exterior)
Castle Almgard by omega549 (Guardian Castle exterior)

New Textures

COP -Riften and Solitude by Foggypath*
Thatch texture by gdelforge
Windhelm textures by Osmodius*
More Colourful trees, shrubs and alchemy Ingredients by Mentha
Mage and Thalmor textures by hana
Horse and Saddle Textures by Tasheni

New Resources Architecture etc

Morrowind Dwemer Resources by Enter_77
Assets from The Notice Board* by Mannygt
GKB Green Trees and he City Mod by Ga-Knomboe Boy
Resources and ideas from Skyrim Sewers 4 by Viltuska
Resources and idea from Imperial Physician by UWShocks
Nordic Dungeon suite alternative by jsnider193 and some specially created meshes for Shumer
Building Kits by jet4571
Furniture, Manor House, Viking House, Castle and Inn Resource by Tlafoon
Mostly everything from Stroti viaTamira (alist here)
Farms from BSCyrodill
Architecture from Rajti15
Lakeview Evolution - modders resource by mrpdean
Whiterun Foundations by Elinen
Skyrim Windows Resource by vaultguy
Griffon Fortress and Stormcloak Cabin by kraeten
Allstuff and Stormcloak Cabin cutups by DDproductions83 by Elianora *
Windmills by PhilSchmidheiny
Modified Farmhouse by ps46183
Tents For All by meo3000
Modders Resources and Greenhouse tileset by kelretu
Fence Emporiam by steveowashere7
DFT's Asset Pack by DankFrenchToast
Akavir Tileset by RonnieMagnum
Snow Elves Remastered by cad435
Bridges by digger23
Alternate Fonts by evercharmer


DK's Lore Friendly Ships and Boats by DeviantKaled
Resources from Nernie's City and Village Expansion, Ranger and Thief packs by nernie
Mostly everything from Insanitysorrow (alist here)
Rugs and stuff, Teddybears, Phitt's Sheogorad Resource and Statue from Tamira
Fish models from blitz54*
Alchemy resources, Ingredient Jars, openbooks and Food Containers by blary
Paintings from Artisanix
Furniture from Arion
Barrels from Yuril
Statics from FPI Research
Catering from Lilith
Resources and Improved Book Meshes by Jokerine
Stoneware and Pictures by Darkrider
Book covers by Axhoff2007
Shabby furntiture by Flintone
Cyrodill Galleon by markusliberty
Magnus Enchanter by JetSteele
WoodDeck Resource by tamu75
Stablesigns by Autan Waspeez
Planks from marthgun
Book Covers of Skyrim and Journal Mesh by DanielCoffey
Resources for Modders by runspect
ElderStatue by Angilla
Amulets of Skyrim and Guards Clothes by Uni00SL
For Sale Sign and Stairs by berticus001
LoliceptResources by lolikyonyu
Rings and Amulets by madnuttah
Ayleid Resource by skyrimlazz
Generic Signs by Andalay Bay
Signs, mage/thalmor textures and lattice fence from Hannaisse
Morrowind Style Clutter by Funktasm
Bunny Toys by Garnet18
Dark Souls Rings by xperious
Gemling Queen Resources - Amulets by Saerileth
autosort by Sjogga
Duathfel Resource Pack by UnimpressedPanda


VICNCreature Resource by Vicn
NexusCreature Resource and Witcher Zombie by Gendundrup (inc CD Projekt Red)

Armour and Weapons

Game of Thrones Armour Compilation by Donker316
Bosmer and Noldor armour by maty743 (arynn, empreni  and Isilmeriels for resources)*
Blooded Armour byguitinscarfin
Heavy and Royal armoury by privateeye 
Mega Shields by the malfazar
Ghosus Weapon Pack and Rings of Skyrim by Ghosu
Plate Armours by ActusReus (not helms)
Noble Female Clothes by merillia (textures by karmoth)
Imperial Assassin Armour by newermind43 *
Iron Stuff by ragna_rok
Mercenary Armour byrahman530
Sandstone Armour by gunchaparmy3162
Targaryen Armour by aegonIV
Armoury of Vernon Roche by towell (and CDProjekt)*
Iron dagger retext by rafalema
Gold Plated Shield by mythos214
TelvanniMage robes by Elianora (texture byThemrloc1, hood by breed13 and
mesh by exeter)
Battlemage robes by Elianora (inc tumbajamba and mr Dave)
Rough Leather Armour by atomec*
Nordic RoundShield by Fortram
Oriental Armour by singlebelong
Colourful Barkeep by TwiggySkyrim
Sycophant Robes by Merilia
Spellsword Cuirass by billyro
Longsword pack by JRC011*
Race Shields from m150 *
Ranger Armour by buirinheaven
Aindras robes by Aindras69
Silverswords by gizmodian
Weapon Variants by EliteTJB98
the Atlantean by Mr Dave
Battlemage Armour by sasquatcha
Nordic Ranger Armour by frankdema*
female pants by chinagreenelvis
Jarl Clothes and Nordic Iron Cuirass by FranklinZunge
Witcher 2 models by l0rdofwar
Fine clothes by Mikoyork
Gilded doublet by ellise
Armour and Weapons by Roadhouse699*
Willyback's Clothing (and signs) by willyback
Redguard Fashion by Tasheni