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Four villages, an estate and a pirate base servicing the low rent trade and smugglers routes along the northern coastline. Also two islands and a few other places here and there..

Permissions and credits
Update 17 May 21: Version 4.0 added, some more dialogue, more bug fixes and because people asked, modest player homes on Barbella and Althira.

Important Compatibility Patch : I have uploaded a patch which is primarily for those with Lighting and landscape/grass Mods that tend to revert exterior cell names back to vanilla (this also includes mods that make multiple changes to Skyrim eg TPOS, Holds and ETAC), this means that all my quests including dialogue may not run because they depend on the location names I have given cells. This patch just reestablishes these names and is otherwise harmless.

Now available for  SSE

****See Sticky Post for current state of Mod development and plans ****


No NPCs added by this mod are marked as essential so you can kill anybody you like, but beware, killing some characters will forgo future quests and in the case of some of the pirates the game notes you have killed them and consequences will ensue. eg If you kill the rude pirate guard outside the castle on Althira your chances of interacting with it's inhabitants are nil.

Mod Features so far

  • A Pirate Base with a galleon in the harbour. 
  • Two Islands (Barbella and Althira)  
  • Four Villages and small landings near Solitude, Dawnstar, Windhelm and Winterhold.
  • Smugglers Tavern near Windhelm and The White Horse Inn west of Whiterun.
  • An estate and a castle ruin.
  • Patrolling guards, people and Pirates generally going about their business.
  • A selection of Traders – inns, blacksmith, jeweller/locksmith, apothecary, general stores, fishmonger, bakery, smithy and carpenter\fletcher.
  • An interesting cave with a Player Home – speak to the guard in Frostcombe Landing (see article for details).
  • A long boat to take you up and down the coast (activators on the boats wheel). 
  • A set of custom piratical  and Barbella weapons.
  • Crafting Options for existing and custom gems.
  • 37 small quests and 112 custom voiced NPC's


No NPCs added by this mod are marked as essential so you can kill anybody you like, but beware, killing some characters will forgo future quests I may add. eg If you kill the rude pirate guard outside the castle on Althira your chances of interacting with it's inhabitants are nil.

A list of quest givers is here: Wiki

How to get to Frostcombe landing

It is North of Winstad, map marker is visible.

Sailing About

The longboats in the various locations have two activators on the Wheel one takes you to various 'Pirate Locations' and one to 'Town Locations' you get a list to pick from.

The second longboat in Yar (Pirate's) Cove has an activator on the wheel which will take you to the Islands.


Patches available in download section: (the mods themselves should be before Pirates in the load order)

Salem - Arena Tournament -
moves bandit cave entrance up gully to Snow Veil Sanctum
The Forts of Skyrim Redone -
moves a fort uphill away from Allagard Estate.
More Bandit Camps -
removes the bandit camp clashing with Mitt.
Sailable Ships - moves my ship at Solitude out of way.
moves my ship at Solitude out of way and fixes navmesh and terrain as Mitt is close to Rorikstead Market.
Great Forest of Whiterun -
not surprisingly removes trees.
Amber Guard by 13Oranges
- tidies the terrain by the castle
The Unfinished Business - Dungeon Pack - I have moved the entrance to Cryon Nulal up the hill as it was inside Yar Cove. May at some point incorporate it into Yar Cove, but that will require to more faffing about than I have time for at the moment.
Holds the City Overhaul - tidies up Allagard Castle
Brotherhood of Old - moves cave at Smugglers Rest
Great City of Skyrim -
removes drydock from Solitude Landing
Forgotten Dungeons - moves Ragnaulfs Cave at Frostcombe Landing(for this patch Forgotten Dungeons should be higher in you load order than PiratesNorth.esp)
- moves Winhelm pier

This mod specifically does not conflict with Northern Encounters, Pirates of Skyrim - Norther Cardinal Under The Black Flag and The Watchtowers Reborn or any of the Mods I know of around the Winstad Area.

For Immersive Horses users a poster has mentioned the following:
You'll need to add the Island worldspaces (833775 P iratesNorth.esp, 1104455 PiratesNorth.esp ) to the IHO .ini 

A patch for Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul has been done by crimjackal here

My Other Mods

Shumer and the Fall of Allagard
HardrockLanding – Rochester
Castle Grey Updated
Dawn Point Lighthouse
Hunters World revisited

Voice Actor Credits

blarghbleh (Durassa, Sheila, Pamela)
Reduxist (Bertrand)
Gwen Hernandez (Gwendolyn)
Ashleigh Aishwarya (Elspeth, Freya)
Deckard Quinones (Merya)
Angel On My Shoulder Productions(Tirana)

Darkrogue21 (Hudara)
JPCorwyn (Dragant, Dagath, Donald, Alister and many many  others)
Fullmetal (Baaran, Reinulf and others)
Fatalor (Elvira, Musuru)
SkinnyTecBoy(Thoran and others)
Hugleton (Rudgar, Guards and others)
Grunghog (Smugglers and Guards)
Ishy (Smugglers)
Sami (Haakin)
Guyst (Samgunna)
Aduniel (Fran)
OnTheOtherHand (Guards, Jonah, Holgme and many others)
JLeeson (Lapique, Tirigan)
JonathonC (Kadjar)
Giltheim81 (Rabb, Yahazi, Brynn)
MDarkbladeM (Udaki)
JTalent (Gistaru)
DubbaD (Guards, Gehart)
LeeBeeWilly (Edith, Aynse)
Christine O(Alva, Greira)
JoJoRawr (Hedda)
Doctor Sauce(Andreas, Lazu)
Drey (Alicia)
NightVision (Madelena)

CrabCakes (Tarzihu)
Agerweb, Agerdemon (others)

Modders Resources and Music Credits

Music Credits

TRG Banks under Licence
Philip Weigl under Licence


Modders Resources Credited

Paradise Island by Jet4571
Facor Island by Mathew1800

Pirate's Cove by ArtParker ( also MJAB98 & Tehandyman)
Thatch texture by gdelforge
Windhelm textures by Osmodius
Stormcloak Cabin by kraeten
Stormcloak Cabin cutups by DDproductions83 via Elianora
Modified Farmhouse by ps46183
Nordic Dungeon suite alternative by jsnider193

Whiterun Foundations by Elinen
Imperial Fort Resource by whatever 515
Cyrodill Galleon by markusliberty


Resources from Nernie's City and Village Expansion and Thief Pack by nernie 
Furniture from Building Kits by Jet4571
Allstuff from Elianora
Bookcovers by Axhoff2007
Alchemy resources by blary
Resources from Jokerine
Statics from FPI Research
Oven and Kitchen Stuff by Stroti via Tamira
Stoneware and Paintings by Darkrider
Witcher Modders Resources by Oaristys
Rugs and clutter by insanity
Furniture by Tlaffoon
Lolicept Resources by lolikyonyu
Fish models from blitz54
More colourful trees and shrubs by Mentha
WoodDeck Resource by tamu75
Generic Signs by Andalay Bay
Steveowashere's Fence Emporium by steveowashere

Weapons and Armour

Amulets of Skyrim by Uni00SL
Nordic Round Shield by Fortram
Mercenary Armour by rahman530
Spellsword Cuirass by billyro
Weapon Variants by EliteTJB98
Rough Leather Armour by atomec
Race Shields from m150
Witches Hat by backsteppo
Willyback's Clothing by willyback


Autosorting by Sjogga
Aurlyn conversation by mlee3141