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  1. TheModernStoryteller
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    I'm working on a beautiful, gripping and thoughtful new game in Unreal Engine 4 which should appeal to anyone who enjoyed The Forgotten City. If you'd like to be the first to know when I announce it in early 2018, please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube or sign up to my mailing list.

    Please observe these rules when posting here:
    1. I don't plan to make further changes to The Forgotten City, so please don't ask.
    2. Please don't post spoilers here without appropriate spoiler warnings.
    3. If you encounter any issues, remember to check the FAQ and the "KNOWN BUGS AND WORKAROUNDS" thread in the forums. If your bug is not reported there, please post it in the "BUG REPORTS" thread.
  2. Scottvrakis
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    • 170 posts
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    Habiq's ring sidequest bugged out and didn't finish even though I gave it back to him, and now I can't for the life of me find the Quest ID for Forget-Me-Not so I can setstage and complete it manually. Can anyone help?
  3. Dahkteromar
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    So I may have made a mistake. Spoilers below.


  4. dmanhimself
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    • 4 posts
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    Not too short. But doesn't drag on. Everything is relevant and thought provoking.
    Top 3 quest mod of all time.
    Change my mind.
  5. Crainedom
    • supporter
    • 12 posts
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    Ya know how you sometimes read raving reviews and you think, "okay, maybe it is slightly above average".

    I must admit I am blown away by the Forgotten City. The entire quest, the complexities, the characters and the writing is all as good or better then anything Bethesda has come up with. Regular Skyrim is gonna look a little dull now.

    Thank you!
  6. ZeMantras
    • supporter
    • 81 posts
    • 28 kudos
    congratulations t everyone involved on this fantastic quest story, very nice story telling and detective work, def one of my favorites things here in the nexus :)

    "PS: Look Behind You"
  7. JeanPhilippeHuppe
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    Sorry maybe i'm not the only one but when I active the mods I just can start my game. Like I click on play game and nothing happen I still always on my office the game never lunch.
  8. SlvoDoesGames
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    Loved every aspect of it It would be dope if you could upgrade the immaculate armor set and the arbiter's helmet
  9. Jamesxu0220
    • supporter
    • 1 posts
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    I just have to leave a comment because this is soooo good! Definitely as good if not better than than the original game. 100% would recommend and thanks for crafting this mod XD
  10. Mringasa
    • premium
    • 15 posts
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    Just finished this quest, working through LotD supported mods right now, and thoroughly enjoyed it. A real RPG experience inside a dumbed down ARPG was truly superb. Thank you for the compelling story. Badly want to start a new character now to complete the one last portion I didn't get through this time. I got a reasonably good ending, one that I felt satisfied with, but I know I missed something and would love to see if I could get a better ending. Great voice acting and storytelling, something a lot of mods miss in some fashion. Hoping to see more content in this fashion!
  11. JimFever
    • member
    • 126 posts
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    Just... THANK YOU for the journey, because it was one... If i would mention and sum up one thing from this MUST-PLAY "mod" (that word sounds weak here) is that you trully make sense to the "gratefull NPC to Hero" relation, like... in any vanilla or modded quests i ve played so far, before yours, when all those NPC(s) thanks you for what you have done, reward you and so on...  but you hardly feel any empathy.. at best you may have a few hard fights to remember for a while, you may be sensible to the NPC story and will keep it in mind and feel a bit of empathy and various feelings, not so much tho... definitly not as much as in Forgotten City, from far...
    Forgotten City  just trully gives a meaning to this. I wish you would have been in the original game design team btw... in FC, your part a written story, a book, and you write it with the characters. and your character just cant be the same before, and after this story. About empathy, one with just a bit of it would at least have a little tear on the corner of the eyes, no doubt.. for the "full ("good ending") version" at least (spoiler free comment ;p ). I actually did.. and i m not easy to move, at my old 48 age..
    Note : i had the music-bug keeping playing after the quest (solved with console commands you provide afterward). Actually i thought it was a "smart" thing in first place and i enjoyed hearing that nostalgic music a bit more and keeping the feeling i had after the quest. i played 3 hours more with it, realising it was a bug but didnt wanted it to stop. lol..
    Thanks so much for this. And sorry for my bad english ^^. 
    Good luck on your current project... we wish it would involves some Skyrim content, but i understand that it cant be the case and what is your priority