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Animated Feathered Wings for Skyrim Special Edition

Milisot1325 for letting me port her mod
My wife for putting up with me while I worked on it
All of you for downloading and endorsing
You guys are awesome!


Now you can FUS-ROH-DAH Lydia off a cliff without feeling bad about it!

Port of Animated Feathered Wings by
Original mod based on Animated Dragon Wings by Anton0028
Skyrim SE version of Animated Dragon Wings available here.

Have you ever wanted to play as an angel, divine being, or cross-bred freak of nature?
-Yes: Now you can!
-No: You can still download the mod anyway, if you want...

This mod adds 30 equippable wings and mutagens to the game. Mutagens grant the player a set of wings when consumed and equippable wings apply wings to any character when equipped. The wings are fully animated, have appropriate sound effects, and behave properly when the character sprints, jumps, casts spells, sneaks, swims, etc. Mutagen wings are permanently attached to your character and will only be removed by consuming the craftable "Cure Mutations" potion. Crafted wings stay until you equippable them or consume a "Cure Mutations" potion. Changing your race (vampire lord, werewolf, and racemenu transformations) will also remove both types of wings. Another mutagen can be ingested or the equippable wings can be re-equpped to get them back. Sadly, they can't make you fly. There are Oldrim mods that let you do that but they require SKSE and that hasn't been release for Skyrim SE yet.

In-game effects:
-Looks great!
-Works for all races and genders.
-NEW! Works with followers! Just give them a set of equippable wings from your inventory.
-Eliminates all fall damage.
-Increases jump height. (Unfortunately, this requires SKSE which is not yet available for Skyrim SE. Should work when SKSE 64 is released. See workaround further down description for temporary solution.)

There are four styles of wings, each with multiple color variations:
-Old (Standard)
-Soul Hound

How to get the wings (Mutagen):
  1. Craft the desired mutagen at any cooking station.
  2. Consume the potion you just crafted.
  3. Profit.
How to get the wings (Equippable):
  1. Craft the desired wings at any cooking blacksmith's forge, under the misc category.
  2. Equip the wings you just crafted. Wings equip in slot 47.
  3. Profit
Note: Make sure to close any menus and un-pause the game for a few seconds after unequipping/curing a set of wings before equipping/drinking another set or mutagen. Wings may not appear if you don't let the appear or dissapear animations complete before applying another one.

Alternatively, you can use the console if you don't want to gather the desired ingredients to make the wings yourself.
  1. Open the console by pressing "~"
  2. Type in one of the following and hit Enter:
    help "mutagen" 4
help "wings" 4
  • Look for the wings or mutagen you want. Use the Page Up key if you don't see what you're looking for.
  • Once you see the item you want, take note of its item ID and enter the following into the console:
  • player.additem <itemID> 1
  • Close the console by pressing "~" again.
  • Equip the wings or consume the mutagen like any other potion.

  • Workaround for inactive scripts:
    Since SKSE 64 has not been released, the script that increases jump height does not currently work. You can get around this by setting the jump height yourself in-game via the console. This will have to be done every time the game is started but will persist until the game is closed. To set the jump height yourself:
    1. Open the console by pressing "~"
    2. Type in the follwing and press Enter:
      setgs fjumpheightmin 180
    This will give you an 80% higher jump height. 100 is default, 200 is twice as high, etc. I found 180 to be a nice balance that doesn't break the game too much.

    NMM: Just download and install.
    Manual: Extract files and place in Skyrim SE's Data folder.

    Compatible with:
    -Animated Dragon Wings by Anton SE

    -Soft incompatibility with 360 Walk and Run Plus. 360 swimming feature prevents wing swimming animation from looping properly (see the first demo video).
    -Possibly incompatible with Animated Fairy Wings SE. (One user has reported issues.)

    Things to note/possible improvements:
    While I'm not aware of any gameplay bugs, there are a few quirks and improvements that could be made. If you are aware of how to fix any of these or would like to fix one of them yourself, please let me know. I will be certain to credit your contributions!
    • Some of the wing types have unusual dark sections on the textures. The texture files don't have these but they show up in game. It appears that sections of the wing are casting shadows on itself.
    • There is a small gap between the front and back of some wing meshes visible in a small range when viewed from the side.
    • The textures are decent, but aren't exactly high-res and can look slightly out of place when playing with high-res textures.
    Most of these issues have to do with models or textures. I'd address them myself, but I have almost no experience working with 3D models and very little time to learn about them.

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