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A port of Anton's original Real Flying mod to SSE.

Permissions and credits
Basically all I did was rewrite the skse plugin so it can be compiled with SKSE64 and work properly in game.
see:Real Flying Oldrim

This version did not fix any bug in the original mod, it may also bring some new bugs, so do not use it in your current save or backup your save files before install it. And if u find any issue, u can post it in the bugs tab.


+ FNIS SE or Nemesis

+ SKSE64

+ Animated Dragon Wings By Anton SE for Better Wings Patch.

- VS2013 c++ package x86 is no longer required

Extra Info for Better Wings Patch

This solution is not perfect & require another mod call Animated Dragon Wings By Anton SE. This is provided-as-is without any support.

To install this patch:
1. Install Animated Dragon Wings animations, disable its ESP, we only need meshes & textures.
2. Install my patch, let it overwrite Animated Dragon Wings animations and this mod.
3. Copy one of the Wings meshs from "Meshes\[Anton] mods\Animated Dragon Wings\" folder. Rename it to "DragonWings.nif", then put it in "Meshes\[Anton] mods\Real Flying\", replace the old one.

Should be compatible with most mod except those dynamically changes the game's variable "fJumpHeightMin" or hook the same function in SkyrimSE.
Don't use it on vampire lord character, this may cause problems.

Not Compatible
- Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE - Change in Behaviour file force Player to land after gliding. No fix yet.

SKSE team for SKSE64

Anton for the original Real Flying

AltimorFP for his sources of "Player physics - Acceleration - Friction - Smooth movement"

Fore for FNIS

TsudaKageyu for minHook

aers for answering my question

You can do whatever the fxxk you want with the DLL plugin.
But if you want to use other files in this mod or reupload it to another site, you should ask Anton for permission.

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