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A port of Anton's original Real Flying mod to SSE.

Permissions and credits
Due to the DLL need a new Address for new AE, which is beyond my ability,
The support for this mod by me (Nechigawara) is officially dropped.
No more update, change request currently on hold now all cancel.

Basically all I did was rewrite the skse plugin so it can be compiled with SKSE64 and work properly in game.
see: Real Flying Oldrim

This version did not fix any bug in the original mod, it may also bring some new bugs, so do not use it in your current save or backup your save files before install it. And if u find any issue, u can post it in the bugs tab.

+ Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Downgrade Patcher
+ Nemesis, don't forget to run Nemesis after installing this mod.
+ SKSE64
+ Address Library for SKSE Plugins (SE for SE version/AE for AE version)
+ MCM Helper (Not Require for Seducer Patch)
+ Skyrim Platform if you want to use better flying system
+ Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) if you want Spell & Potion as a death drop from Dragon.

- VS2013 c++ package x86 is no longer required

- to begin "Gliding" you need to press and hold "Forward" button then press "Jump".
- in "Gliding" mode you may press "Jump" again to switch to the "Flying" mode ("Forward" key must be hold down).
- in "Flying" mode you may use "Sprint"/"Sneak" keys to fly up or lift down ("Forward" key must be hold down).
- if you release "Forward" key in any mode - your character will start to falling down.

Patch Provide
- Daedras Seducers Race Mod (Fomerly Succubus Race) by The Big Boobs Theory, allow Seducer Race to fly. When in Deadra form, activate the transform power again to get a menu for conjure wings.

Not Compatible
- Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE - Change in Behaviour file force Player to land after gliding. No fix yet.


You can do whatever the fxxk you want with the DLL plugin.
But if you want to use other files in this mod or reupload it to another site, you should ask Anton for permission.

Source Code
Real-Flying-SKSE64-Plugin (Old Version)
Nechigawara/Real-Flying-SKSE64-Plugin/SE (Universal SE Version)
Nechigawara/Real-Flying-SKSE64-Plugin (Universal AE Version)